Hoopoe somewhere in Pegeia

While waiting for the cuckoo yesterday evening also the hoopoe on the way has been kicked me, so I've seen today morning times after him.


What me again excited is the fact that this but striking color combination of relatively large Hoopoe on the ground and in the trees can be described as absolute top camouflage.


This one has retreated in the carob tree, he was so 5 meters away from me. However, I had to aim out of the car between the branches through.

This morning, I was once again on the ground. Two hours I am sitting under camouflage in the Bush and have already given up hope. Then he came to the Bush gone, the hiker. Here something poke, then again there, nice cozy without haste in about 15-10 m distance. Somewhat difficult to catch, because it always through the grass and constantly changed the light and shade of the trees.


Without noticing me he moved past me, here a few images to do so.

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