Asprokremmos Dam April 2012

This morning I was at the Asprokremmos dam to locate a new place for observing and photographing the birds. Today, workers of the city of Paphos there worked again in order to expand the provisional trail through the Xeros River to the Dam. At the end of the dam a small area is now free of water, but the pools are all still full with water. I hope that the corner remains so quiet as it was now at the moment, it would be for the now there standing birds ideal conditions.


Today I have there seen and photographed Great White Egret (4), cattle egret (2) Wood Sandpiper (4), Common Sandpiper (3), Little Stint (7) and as a Highlight 1 Eleonora`s Falcon while drinking at the dam. There are some more Ducks and other Waders, but I can’t count ore named them.

On the Way back from Nata to the Army Camp I was very happy to see  1 Western Olivaceous Warbler and the Roller Pair from Last year are back in the same Breeding Hole, Saturday there was now Birds and today I watch them by his Weeding ceremony again… Beautiful, will make some more pictures in the next weeks. In the afternoon I made a small Round on Cape Drepano (my Homeland), happy to see the first Wood Shrike and a big group Yellow Wagtails (20+)


So, hopefully this is good news for Birdlife in Cyprus.

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