Macrovipera lebetina - Levante Viper

In the Akamas Peninsula, very close to the Avakas Gorge it´s a small side Valley, where I was walking with Jan Donal, a young snakes expert from Czech Republic.  The most feared snake by the locals, the Macrovipera lebetina, is there often to find. Jan has captured in this area in the last few months several Macrovipera lebetina, big and small and views them in the Paphos Zoo for a wile where he was working this time.


After few Weeks always he suspended the Snakes on the same place out. The largest of the 4 snakes we take back to the Nature this Day was an older snake with approx. 1 m length, the smallest young snake from this summer was approx. 25 cm length.


Here a few pictures of the snake in their natural habitat.

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