Oroklini Life - "Nature 2000" Project

Oroklini Lake - Südseite
Oroklini Lake - Südseite

The conservation project of the EU "Oroklini Life" I have seen up to now very cautious. The project is run by various organisations as partners together with the EU and the Oroklini municipality and BirdLife Cyprus has taken an important part here.


BirdLife Cyprus team, headed by Clairie Papazoglou and Melpo Apostolidou has many positive changes in the way brought.


In the last 3 weeks, I've searched the Oroklini Lake ever again. Many positive changes have become apparent.


The restorations of large areas around the Lake and the water management have brought the Lake already visible improvements.

There is still much to be done. It is still personally annoying for me if large waste parts like for example containers carelessly on the shores around and not be taken away because of the timetable of the project still does not include this. This is in my Eyes pure bureaucracy.

Obviously it doesn't disturbed the birds on the Lake, and there is also no risk of the water.


The black-winged stilt and spur lapwings are the target group of birds which have their breeding areas in large groups at Oroklini Lake. At the moment there many stilt´s sitting on the nests. I've seen also spur lapwings with intense masculine dances.

In the attached Gallery I will show some pictures, black-winged stilts, old and juvenile and some spur lapwings here in the blog. While birds forage to walk in the front area of the Lake are many breeding birds behind the dam with the brood (perhaps the 2.Brut?) busy.


There are also many water birds with Ducklings at the Lake, but pull their trajectories mostly in the deeper waters fare from the shore and are somewhat outside my lens range. I will report again times in the next at this point about the status of the project and of the inhabitants of the Lake.

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