European Roller observation

On 19 June, I received a note from my friend Colin regarding Bee-eater in the rearing of the next generation, with even a pair of roller.


The roller has already come with the sunrise at 5:30 with feed breeding caves. Large and small insects as well as small lizards are taken as food to the nest cavity.


The roller had chosen a finished nest cavity, about 1 m away family located by the entrance to the nest cavity of a Bee-eater in the wall. So direct neighborhoods without any problems.

With the two parents rollers, which deals with the breeding, there is again still a single roller is added. Probably a juvenile male, which sometimes traced the Bee-eater in their nest cavity and then starting his mating games of pebbles. After the visit of some empty breeding caves, he disappears again.

It makes me just enormous fun as to hold these observations in the birds in some pictures to nature photographer. It's worth so here always back out to look like the more development goes.


The European Roller in the rearing of their 2 Chicks - part 1 June 2013

The European Roller in the rearing of their 2 Chicks - part 2 July 2013

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