Be-eaters observation.

On 19 June, I received a note from my friend Colin regarding Bee-eater in the rearing of the next generation, with even a roller family.


On the same day, I went to said place near Mandria and watched the pit wall of a small sand and gravel pit for 2 hours, until I saw the breeding holes, were served by the old birds with food.


In the course of the last 2 weeks I have selected many different camera locations to observe and record the birds from all directions. To reach the appropriate places for the camouflage tent and the camera near the breeding caves, it was not easy in the loose debris. In addition, it had to be in time before the birds with the feedings began.

If everything after 30 minutes on the square was built up I had earned me the first cup of coffee. At this time at 6:00 we have outside temperature to 25 ° C, which goes until 9:00 on 30 ° C, so the purest pleasure in the tent.

The conditions on the place are very difficult to photograph, until 8:30, the area lies completely in the shade, since only the Flash to the lightening helps me (high speed-1 1/3 EV EV). Then the flying of birds in hard sunlight, but breeding caves itself not remain there until 13:00 in the shade, so nothing goes without Flash using (-2 EV) actually. If you shoot know what these terms mean.

The first European Bee-eater come at approximately 30 minutes after sunrise, as long they have to wait probably for the flying prey in the fields. In total, there are 4 pairs of bee-eaters in the pit wall on the nursery.  Keep it clear I have separated the photos of bee-eaters and roller. I hope you enjoyed the pictures part 1 and part 2.

European Bee-eater breeding part 1 - Jun2 2013

European Bee-eater breeding part 2 - July 2013 until the departure of the young

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