Akrotiri - Bishop´s Pool - breeding Little Egret

About 3 weeks ago, I visit Bishop´s pool to watch several little egrets on a eucalyptus tree and also I made some photos from a Distance 100 m, just for reording purposes for BirdLife Cyprus. Honestly I forgot this Visit soon.


On Saturday 17. July I have a detour to the pool then. There was not any interessting Records at the time. But there was an pleasant surprise discovered, 3 little egret families with 3-4 chicks in each nest, about 3-7 days old. These are the first nesting Egret at Bishop´s pool since 1981.


Young little egrets come quickly into the swing, approximately 30 days than fly around with the old birds. So I did on Sunday the first attempt with photos, but one nests hang over the water and the eucalyptus tree is made visible only from the corners of the Lake.

I've done images from 80 m with TC 2.0, but that's not the solution as an opportunity.  So I got to thinking, I must come higher and should not be considered and may not interfere. On the last picture you can see my pickup and how I solved the problem for the first shots. On the loading area, I've now built up one Place for my Tripod with camouflage curtain and get so in the area of the tree to 20 m.


The little egret don't mind my presence and are remained at the nest, but first as I've thrown over even the Kwik Camo and me have made "Invisible" are the "transporter" with the food served and the chick have supplied and replaced the adult birds at the nest. What I've also never seen partially the arriving adult birds feed directly, but most of the catch is filed at the nest and later resumed before digestion and then fed. Especially in larger fish, I could observe that.

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    Mick Lobb (Samstag, 12 Oktober 2013 22:05)

    Good to see that they have bred on the island again. Wonder why they have waited so long!