Petounta Marsh, a small importand Bird Location

Photo Colin Richardson
Photo Colin Richardson

A large area of reeds near the beach, which is still full water in the hot summer months, is an ideal stopover for many migratory birds and waterfowl.

The Reed area of Petounta was known already for a long time the bird experts on Cyprus, but only as a small and not particularly attractive bird area.  Surprisingly this area has grown and leads, even in the hot months of July and August still water.


A water height of maximum 15 cm offers ideal conditions for waterfowl, waders and birds for their rest. I did already a couple of shots there with my friend Stavros, it's amazing how close the birds here come to our camouflage tents, often too close to photograph still.


However "we take in" our tents also at an early stage, before the birds from the reeds come out in the open area of the swamp or migratory birds arrive.

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