Migration Birds on Akhna Dam - September 2013

At this point in my Blog, I will report on the autumn Migration from Akhna dam, the incoming messages about the Bird migration of BirdLife Cyprus are a great help.


Now it is a somewhat difficult task to capture the most interesting birds on the large dam with the camera so that I shall get decent shots for bird photographers. The most important element of these actions on the dam is the observation of birds and lots of patience with hours sitting in a camouflage tent or in my floating hide. 


I must know at the dam and generally the habits of the birds to find the right places and recording times, where the lighting conditions at the dam in addition significantly narrow down the whole

Another problem is the water level in the dam, where last year the waders mass white ran around the water is now 2 m higher, thus eliminates the old feeding grounds for the waders. The size of the dam has set to almost double, so the waders to find new feeding grounds elsewhere.


My photographic main goal is also in this year of the Osprey, the first Osprey has arrived already at the beginning of September, lingered but only a short time on the dam. The abundance of fish attracts hopefully more Osprey to stay longer time.  Continue on and around the dam around countless poachers, shooting everything that moves are a big problem. Particularly shabby I find attracting birds with recordings and even shabbier, I find that notice the authorities such as hunting authority and police here simply by great ignorance. One can only hope that the attitude of the authorities here varies with time.

At the beginning of the observations here, a few pictures from my first visit to the dam times.

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