Migration Birds on Akhna Dam - October 2013

Meanwhile, the water level at the dam of Akhna has fallen and I could move for the first time on 12 October with my floating Hide in the middle of a group of migratory birds.


It is a nice experience again and again if you can watch and photographing the birds without any shyness at short range. 


Also striking how many birds with injuries are handicapped among which is to pull on the flyway. Sometimes, there certainly humans have his hand in the game...


Here are some photo shoots made from the floating Hide.

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    paul foster (Dienstag, 15 Oktober 2013 20:33)

    hello Albert,super shots from your floating hide,absolutely fantastic my friend,you get so lowdown to the water,amazing.I have waders here at home but cannot possibly take them with me in my suitcase.Maybe I can send them over from Here to your place and then leave them with you for future times.I`ll see what the cost will be at the post office.Hear from you soon paul.