Little Bustard - very sad story

Last Sunday, I had the unique opportunity togther with my Friends Stavros and Filippos to photograph a Little Bustard.


The Bird used for his Migration Rest a field in the Buffer Zone Aera near Nicosia. A very rare Bird for Cyprus. A bird which is not often found in Cyprus, the last Little Bustard was recordet 34 years ago.


The light situations in the open Field at this Day time were not optimal for good photos, but the joy to see and photograph this rare bird have rocked.


Then, I was back in Paphos, came the sobering and extremly sad news in the late afternoon.

It has been fun for some Idiots / Pochers to shoot down this rare bird with a shotgun at close range. killed illegally by hunters in a no hunting area in the Buffer Zone near Geri / Nicosia.  I am so angry and sad about this, I just can't believe it sometimes...

Just reed the Press Release from BirdLife Cyprus

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    Stavros Sideras (Samstag, 21 Dezember 2013 15:41)

    Dear Albert,
    these people are not just idiots. Having a gun in Cyprus requires a lisence and there must be more strict regulations as to who is allowed to own a gun. The problem is that their loby has the good ear of the ruling party.
    Ofcourse the mentality of killing defensless animals is not restricted just to us cypriots.
    On the same day that I saw your post the discovery channel was showing a documentary on survival in which a macho man was chasing a small "dangerous" snake in the middle of north african desert thousands of miles from other people and killing it a long stick in order to teach us how to survive!!!

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    Mick Lobb (Freitag, 10 Januar 2014 21:23)

    Super photographs as usual. A sad story overall but one which has been repeated time after time on the island and, unfortunately, always will.

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    paul foster (Samstag, 25 Januar 2014 00:26)

    Hello Albert.Again your photography never ceases to amaze me.Fantastic photos of the Little Bustard. So So sad what happened to it though!Words cannot explain what I think about these mindless idiots.