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Cyprus is open all over the Year. Here I will give you some Basic infromations about Traveling to Cyprus.  There is (almost) here about what you would like to see as the nature / bird photographer. I forward anyone who cares for the nature and BirdLife of Cyprus to be able to welcome on the island.

The intensive birds Migration time goes from September to November and February to May. It is on the island also the most pleasant climate time, albeit with some rain showers. The temperature in October November are about 24 ° C and December up to the 22 ° C.


The winter time in Cyprus, December, January and February with temperatures around 20 ° c will offer you also nights with cool temperatures up to + 4 °C in Paphos Area. This is the time where here the growth phase begins and everything is again beautifully green and flowers.


About the calendar winter time are thousands of flamingos in the salt lakes on Akrotiri (approx. 11,000 birds in 2011) or Larnaca, many other species of birds spend the winter on the island.


The Main Stream of bird retreat from Africa to Europe takes place in the period of early March (at 22 ° C) until mid-May (around 26 ° C). Every day you will find new (old) bird names on the record list. Here, this is the best time for bird photographers and birdwatchers.


Bird photography on the Island is connected with relatively short distances and most photo targets are within 1 hour of driving with immediate access to the hotspots associated with cars/off-roader. Even the various bird areas around Larnaca, Oroklini Lake, or in the extreme southeast of the island with Capo Greco, Paralimni, Akhna dam, etc. are reachable within 2 hours.


My site is the village of Peyia / Agios Georgios in the West of the island, bordering the Akamas Peninsula 'Nature 2000' reserve, where from June until September species observed 2 protected turtles lay their eggs can be. Here also the well-known "Avakas Gorge" is an approximately 5 km-long Canyon with "Nature Trail". Paphos town is 15 km away.


You can find my location with a click here


Cyprus is no flat bath Island, when I go out of the House I am 15 minutes later height in the vineyards of Kathikas, where in the summer at 4-5 ° C of pleasant temperatures from sea level at 650 m. In the Troodos Mountains is there on the Mount Olympus at 1,950 meters above sea level in the winter snow and a ski hotel, where the common Crossbill there more interested in the time.


Travel documents, air travel, car rentals, what is needed:


The Republic of Cyprus is a member of the EU, the identity card or passport, valid driver's license for car hire, currency is the Euro.


Air travel:

Many Airlines offer direct flights to the int. Larnaca airport at. There are also many Charter planes and tour operators from UK offer the Flights to Larnaca or directly to the int. Pafos airport.

Note to the excess baggage. Because it comes with the additional photo clutter quickly the weight limits it is useful to inform themselves precisely in advance with the selected airline about any cabin baggage and the allowances, as well as any additional costs for excess baggage.


Accommodation as you know many ways on a holiday island, anyone can do something in the region directly through a tour operator "Paphos - Coral Bay - Pegeia" book. In the winter season from November till end of March much hotels and apartment include provider, continues to open facilities offer complete packages.


There are also cheap villas during the period November to March. The houses are fully equipped and you need to bring anything. But most villas without Heating Systems. These villas are normal in the travel brochures from the major providers, Thomson, Thomas Cook, etc. hired from mid March till November and are then quite expensive. For individuals, there are also smaller family hotels and Apartments, where the room with breakfast, booking duration 1 week, 20-30 Euro / day costs here in my area. You can eat in the hotel or in nearby restaurants.


Car rental:

Best to book out already a car from your Contry to. But you should be sure that the car rental company has a desk at the airport, so that you can deliver the cars simply also there again. I myself use an off-road vehicle because I'm me mostly off the streets in the free field.

Warning: here in Cyprus shuts "Left"! Speed limit on the Highway 100 km/h.

Arrival at Larnaca Airport:

The offices of the car rental companies is located in the arrivals hall, on the left side. The trip takes 1 1 / 2 h, 140 km, from Larnaca airport to Paphos.


Photo clutter:

Useful lenses for bird photography: from 300 mm + 1, 4 x TC and longer is a good choice here. For landscape and macro photographs hold appropriate lenses. As the daily sunset, shooting on the beach or in the mountains, there are motifs throughout the year. Specifically in the spring come also the friends of orchids on their costs. You will find butterflies and insects such as praying mantises, Agamas, throughout the year.


Stands: A lightweight travel tripod - Monopod is always beneficial. A lighter camouflage Cap such as Camouflage scarf or “Kwik Camo” is highly recommended especially for bird photography.


Photo Tours: Start always quite early, at about 4:00. The good photo light at the locations ends at 9:00 afterwards is very hard. To take advantage of the special red light on the beach at dawn, it says early to rise from the springs. In the afternoon it goes out as from 15:00. The Sun disappears in the winter already um16: 30 into the sea in the summer at 20:00.


Families traveling together have all possibilities of a holiday island here, unless the beach holidays, guided hiking tours in autumn and winter, horses, quad or mountain bike tours, Safari tours by jeeps and lots of archaeological sites with ancient mosaics. From the simple tavern to the most expensive dining options and nightclubs, you can find whatever you want.


The nature photographer knows the family well taken care during his absence and can undisturbed to pursue his hobby with a clear conscience.


Workshops - See extra offer description.


Cost: I judge me according to the wishes of the individual or group, which type and duration of care is desirable. Make everyone happy a quote via email. Who has now more detailed questions and would like to schedule please write me a mail.


Greetings from Cyprus,

Albert Stoecker

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