Letter to the Cyprus Game Fund

This is an open Letter to the Cyprus Game Fund. It is unfortunately not possible for me as "non greek speaking person" to contact via email the Cyprus Government authority.

Dear Cyprus Game Fund Department,

Here I like to show a wonderful hunting trophy, which was imposed today on the 09 February 2014 about 13:00. One succeeded heroic "Hunter" has remove these Common Kestrel from an electricity pylons.The 3 Guys in the Care like to have his Fun in this Way.


The whole Action was happened about 25 m away from our House at 8560 Pegeia, Prasteiou 1, during my Wife was Watering the Land and Garden. This Hunter makes a so miserable shot, so the left wing bone, near the Falcon body, was smashed and moreover so even a time of suffering for the Bird to. The Bird died in the evening, the Vet at Pahiakos Animal Wellfaresays says, the Bird has no chance with 2 brocken wings.


I should probably not need extra stress that the whole thing in an area (next to our House) took place, where hunting is prohibited, actually, according to your laws. But it is nearly impossible to give any Information to an responsibel Person from Cyprus Game Fund Department; looks for me like, we are not really interested what our so called "Hunters" does.

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    Stavros Sideras (Montag, 10 Februar 2014 09:03)

    I am very agree with what these people did.
    There must be more strict gun control and the authorities must do their duty, find these people and bring them in front of the law.
    Maybe some postings on the facebook to publicize the event can be useful and a campaign to collect signatures for more gun control in the long term.

    I hope our friend recovers!

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    Mick Lobb (Freitag, 14 Februar 2014 15:41)

    So sorry to hear of this but, sadly, nothing will change in Cyprus for many generations. I saw many such instances as this in my time over there as well as trapping with nets and lime sticks. I also managed to have a few hunters prosecuted in the courts of the SBA. That was thirty years ago! Only education will ever have any affect and that takes time, so much time! All best wishes.