Chrysorrogiatissa Monastery Cyprus

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The Chrisorrogiatissa Monastery is the next station for one photo exhibition from "AG Leventis Foumdation" with the topic "Nature of Cyprus". At the request of BirdLife Cyprus I made some additionally photos from the Monastery it self in the Paphos Forest area for the Exhibiton. And so, I'm also curious about the monastery it self.


Few days later early in the morning at 6:00 I came in the monastery courtyard and heard from the Church, that the lithurgy ceremony was already underway. I just looked around and noticed the monk who came to me from the Church.  After a short presentation of mine he invited me for a coffee after the ceremony.

Hospitality is taken seriously in Cyprus.

What I did not know, it was Father Dionysos, the Abbot and simultaneously only monk of the monaster. Father Dionysos offer me later one Cyprus Coffee and told me about the cooperation with the AG Leventis Foundation how have financed the renovation of the monastery and much more. By the way I met Papa Petros too, a young priest, who lives in the village Panagia with his family. He comes along with other priests from the area to celebrate the lithurgy ceremonie at the historical Monastery Church with Father Dionysos.


The historical monastery is a very much a quiet place. The daily flow of tourists from 9:00 until late afternoon concerns generaly the historical Church. Unfortunately, tourists are often timed closely tied through the Guide programms and see very much little of the many details that has to offer the monastery.


I can therefore only recommend to bring time to see all angles and details of the monastery and to enjoy the silenc. First and foremost Father Dionysos, which gladly answers questions and gives information to erveryone, there is the Monastery wine production cellar, the library with numerous icons, workshops for icons painting with one of the best icons painter in Cyprus, a Conference Centre with a big Art exhibition, the small restaurant with an observation deck at the entrance of the monastery is open in summer operation.


I hope that I can convey something my personal impression from this monastery in the video.   

I have found a place for me where I like to stay in silence for a few hours...


Albert Stoecker

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