Kingfisher and other Birds at Phassouri pondVideo

In late September and early October, I spent some hours in my tent at the remaining small pond in the wetlands of Phassouri. Especially the Kingfisher has many residences on this pond, some very close to me. Happy I was also over the Squacco heron on the same branch, on which previously fished the Kingfisher, just approx. 7 meter in front of me.

A flock of about 40 barn swallows have repeatedly to drink. Only 3 have once the resting on a cane set itself off, distance 30 meters to the camera.  Thanks´ to all Phassouri Visitors for keeping respect and the Distance to my tent during I made the footage for this Video.

Please select on YouTube setting 1080 HD

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    Mick Lobb (Donnerstag, 23 Oktober 2014 21:57)

    As wonderful as ever Albert. Thank you for boosting my memory bank!