Winter Migration Birds in Troodos

There are winter visitors from the world of the bird, you will find in Cyprus only in the mountains. So, I have been very often moved to the Troodos Mountains in the last four weeks and have visit different places to watch bird - winter guests and photographed.   

Here, you can see also bird species, which live year-round in the Pine forests up there, some Cypriot subspecies such as the coal tit and the Crossbill. Also the Tree creeper is now easier to find, because this Bird looks also on the floor at the falling cones for feed. 

It has become cold in the mountains. When I come in the early morning in the upper regions near Troodos the streets frosty white. Sometimes even snow. The puddles where the birds normally drink and bath are frozen most of the time.

And also the photographer gets cold feet in his tent at the observation of birds. Mostly I sit from 7 till 15: 00 upstairs and it rarely comes on boredom, there is always something new to watch. Happy I've over the large number of Hawfinch and my first pine Bunting, even if this is only a 'record shot'.


The first pictures show you some of the places and conditions for the photographer. The whole thing takes place at 1750 m and temperatures between-2 ° C and + 15 ° C. As Camera I used my EOS 5D Mark III in addition with the brand new EOS 7D Mark II, which provides very positive shots to me. For the videos I use mainly the Legria HF G30, thanks to its built-in Wi-Fi I can manage comfortably the cam out of the tent through my nexus 7 Tablet.

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