Birding at Sunday Morning at Mandria Beach

Already on Friday afternoon, I had discovered a group of 11 Golden Plover, resting in the Barrens to the Mandria beach.


The lighting conditions were not but more good, so I have only a few record pictures with the EOS 7D2 and the EF 100-400 made.


Between the Storms with rain and strong winds I've used the quiet period of weather on Sunday morning, to see the winter guests who already are noticed on Friday. 


Resting on the large field at the Lark corner I found 5 golden plover and a large swarm of 120 field larks flew around nervously...

At the Lark Corner I saw one Stonechat in the field about 3-4 meters away. I have made some pictures, and then discovered that the bird is hurt, looks as if worms coming out of his body. The male Stonechat is committed to a thorn Bush at the side of the road. In the position, you can see nothing from the injury.

There was a group of 30 Spanish Sparrows in the bushes over the beach rocks on the road. Before the picnic place then many Greenfinches, Linnet and Goldfinch, as always travel together. A young Kestrel Lady sit on a steel frame and makes not the slightest institutions their position to leave, though I stood only about 5 m with the car before her. So, I must reset my car to get them for some images on the sensor.

Then I went straight to the small puddle, always formed on a raw Truck in the Barrens during rain. Where you find rain water puddles, there is life. Once taken the position at the Bird meeting place I could do more than 150 good shots in approx. 1 ½ hour, which I here want to show that here.

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