Crimson-winged Finch - a Highlander visit Cyprus

Mandria beach, 13-Jan (DN, LAC)

CRIMSON-WINGED FINCH 1 seen briefly 15.00 - 15.10h, flew off (probably nearby) but not relocated in fading light. 2nd Cyprus record.


This message by Colin Richardson went on Tuesday at 18:00 on the net and started a rally of many birdwatchers and photographers on the island in the direction of Mandria beach.


Unfortunately some "birders" lose their otherwise imposed restraint, everyone would like to see the rare bird first and taking first pictures.


I cannot understand many birders in the behavior.


 Some driving continuously through the Fields, others openly run through the area. Always with the objective happen to get lucky to see this bird. This "species of birder" don't care about other birdwatchers, which already longer patiently stand in their positions to see this rare bird.

Also showing no respect the Habitat of bird species currently present pace through the Barrens in high speed driving. All of a sudden all arguments like else speaks against "disturbing elements" for the protection of birds are forgotten.  Only the quick image counts now "Look, I'm the biggest birder in Cyprus" to view on Facebook, maybe to give some impression to possible Birder Clients. And therefore some images I see displayed could actually everywhere have been...

I took my first pictures of Red Wing Finch on Friday morning between 7:30 and 10:30, stay with the bird alone at the picnic area.

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