my Black Serial at Mandria Beach

In the last Days I spend many hours to search the Crimson-winged Finch at Mandria Beach. On Friday I meet him first time.


During the Hours at the Mandria picnic area, I noticed some interesting Light Details when photographing. The wooden seating with wooden roof would be ideally suitable as a framework for bird shots. 


The sea and the blue sky between the table and the roof area would serve me a beautiful background. At the right time the wooden roof is to perceive itself as black shadow.


The question is I only to managing at the right time in the morning, on the top floor of the bushes to settle down a bird. This light blend with the roof of the seating area as a black frame will create only in the period between 8:00 am and 9:20 am. I make many photos there with birds sitting in front or in the bushes behind.

However, up there, none Bird wanted to sit. On Saturday, I get the right Bird as Partner at the right place. Also the sea, the blue sky and the wooden roof as black shadow Background.

For the photographer, everything with 7D2 and 840mm, camera distance to the bird about 8m, to the seating area behind it about 14 m.

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