Crimson-winged Finch - Docu part 2

When I got the message about the sighting of a Crimson-winged Finch by Colin Richardson a week ago I knew nothing of this bird. 


Since Friday 16. Jan. I am grasp now the events and corresponding images in a documentary together.


It is the second registration of this bird in Cyprus History, accordingly, also the crowds of interessted birdwatchers is enormous. In fact it is the Rhodopechys sanguineus. (Male) – Crimson-winged Finch.


According to Wikipedia, it is an Alpine species that finding in bald mountain scenery between 1700 and 3300 m, in Middle East, Atlas Mountains, NW-Africa and Turkey, for example. More info about this Bird here at Wikipedia.

How and why the bird came for a beach holiday to Cyprus, how long he stays, no one can say anything.


At the moment I tend to associate the bird more of the "alenius" subspecies because the fillet is however already clearly white marked. In part 1 of my documentary I showed you shots from my first contact with the bird on Friday 16. January. A few days of observation was followed, to better appreciate the behavior of the bird. Also, so many birdwatchers were on the way, to see the rare bird once.


When the bird feels disturbed it flies at the opposite end of the approximately 1.5 km long beach wasteland. There are food courts everywhere enough, to eat he joins sometimes the Greenfinches or the Linnets, but he is often also alone in the Barrens on the road. He is not really shy he flies even in the areas where people are already present. It changes constantly back and forth and for a photographer, a whole portion of luck must happen to document this bird with good shots.


Yesterday in the afternoon, after 7 hours on Mandria beach, I could do then yet a series of good shots. Just on the place where my friends Jan and Dave Walker together with me unsuccessfully waited almost four hours in the morning for the "movie star".

Just a great advantage is to work in the team. Only in this way we can locate repeatedly the current location of the bird on the 1.5 km long and 150 m wide area. Not only the Bird, we are also very much on the road, back and forth...


Please, the recordings considered documentation. The photos show this beautiful bird so as it moves in its current Habitat. Postcards photos are not to expect.

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