Whimbrel - Numenius phaeopus

Yesterday I was with my Friend Filippos Georgiades in Paphos at the Kefalos beach. We loocking for the Great crested Grebe; is still there but because of the rough seas, he was only in the distance to see.


Then, we have discovered two Turnstone and the Whimbrel forage on the banks on the washed-up seaweed. Later came an Common Sandpiper also.


We took some pictures, but I was not really satisfied with the photo quality because I get only the EF100-400 Lens with me and must use an 1,4 Teleconverter also.


The Whimbrel keeps always his flight distance. He was always too far away for good shots with my Equipment.


So I brought me today early morning in "Position" with the EOS 7D2 and EF600mm plus 1,4x Teleconverter. After my Bird model arrived on hes favorite Feeding place in approx 12m distance to me he was very patient and cooperative. 

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