Nicosia - Athalassa Lake and Paphos Area

Last week, I was to photograph just present tufted ducks on Lake Athalassa in Nicosia.


My Friend Filippos photographed them two Days before very near to him. Unfortunately the birds do not always behave so as the photographer would like that, on my visit they keep a big distance far away from the camera.


The Nothern Shoffeler duck became more apparent and so a few came on the Camera sensor. 

The common Coot is always a photographic challenge, black plumage and the white face plate, hard to photograph correctley in the sunlight.


In Paphos at the Kefalos Beach I came close to the pretty Whimbrel in the see grass. To do this I had to root again with my Camera into the seaweed mountains on the shore. The waves throw during this time again old seaweed mixed with many small animals from the sea to the shore. For the Whimbrel and two Turnstone and a common Sandpiper a good feeding area.

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