Rare birds in Cyprus - Rufus-tailed Rock Trush

Currently, we have a rare guest who has inserted a break on his way on the island again. It may have to do with the strong winds, which prevailed in the last week.


The Rufus-tailed Rock Trush stays over winter South of the Sahara and is now on its way to Europe. Its Habitat is usually located in regions up to 1500m.


The Rufus-tailed Rock Trush differs very much from his relative, the blue Rock Trush, also currently lingering on the island.  At Anarita Park near Paphos, he finds the locations necessary for him during his rest.


It was possible to document this rare spring guest and taking pictures on footage for a video.

I made this Video with the rare Bird in March 2015 in the Anarita Area, must see this beautiful Bird


Please select "Full HD 1080" on YouTube Settings for the best Quality.

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