Juvenile Birds in June

After the major bird migration in spring, for the bird photographer not the best conditions are from June until October.


Especially lighting conditions good for photographers on shorten moments early tomorrow or shortly before sunset. In particular the shimmering air allows barely detailed images even at short distances. Special bird motifs? Who observed the bird’s intensive forage is very quickly also the itinerant old birds young birds that have already left the nest and need to be fed.


Tuesday morning I was surprised to find a Red-rumped swallows family on a small watercourse in the mountains. Five young swallows sitting there over an hour on the same spot in the Bush and are fed by the two old birds patiently.


A roller, perhaps a couple, had at the same point in a field to catch insects and to carry her away. Two small Little Owl sitting on a stone wall at the edge of the road and waiting for food. Then the young Great-spotted cuckoo, as so often pulled up by magpies. If you can see somewhere two magpies together you can be almost sure to have a juvenile cuckoo on rearing parents and the young cuckoo is somewhere in the vicinity. Because he's hungry all the time he is also constantly on the call and to locate.


When I saw him for the first time, he was covered partly by branches for me in a bad light position. So I had to pull him even further. Somewhat later elsewhere I could drive up to 10m to him and take a few pictures. As he not flew away I got slowly out from the car and got approached up to 5-6 me the cuckoo. He left me the time to go to the car to share the photo camera from the video camera to record him on some video clips.

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