Summer 2015 - Birds at Mount Olympus - Troodos

Summertime in Cyprus,

the beaches ar filled with tourists, feathered bird species at this time only the native species. Not really the time for Birdwatcher.


Therefore, I deal with other topics of photography and video such as E.g. time lapse for Sunrise and Sunset. To looking for a good absorption place time lapse I decided for a Sunrise for the Mount Olympus, with 1952 m the highest mountain on the island in the Troodos Mountains.


I was already to find last Saturday around 5: 00 on the mountain to a location of the ideal camera for the time lapse. The view up there is splendid; you can capture completely the eastern half of the island in clear on the sensor.

After I watched the sunrise and the course of something my planned mission for this day was actually already met.I've used t he opportunity and drove in the access roads to the slopes in the small ski area and discovered to my surprise a wild off-road a tiny puddle of water Lane, only approx. 1 m x 0.3 m tall.


Unusually, because even as above from 10: 00 of 30 ° C temperatures and so everything dries out quickly. But where there is water, there is life, so I waited something off in my RAV4 and after 20 minutes I discovered the first bird at the puddle. I've seen more birds at this point as in my excursions in the Troodos together in the aftermath.Because I'm always water with in the car I have filled up the puddle with my 10 litres and brought me with the camera in the car in position. It was a completely successful day of joy for a nature photographer.


Curvinostra Laxia - Crossbill, male and female in all colours, I was thrilled. To Jay, Blackbird, coal tit, Woodlark, chaffinch, grey Warbler, Tree creepers, Siskin, Goldfinch, Cyprus Wheatear and some more.  I have never seen so many and so many colour variations from common Crossbill. In the following Gallery, I put together a small selection from this day.

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