The cranes are flying again to South

It´s the time Demoiselle Crane move in large groups over the island to the South. Now the time starts also for the nature photographer after the long summer break with the sighting of the preferred bird places to start.


Following the Crane I move yesterday to the Salt Lake in Akrotiri. I have not found crane but hunters who were there with their dogs and thus impossible to make a rest the migratory birds.


At the Salt Lake, Greater flamingos are according to my estimate about 2000 and many Black-winged  Stilt I could watch, four Honey buzzards to. In the wetlands of Fassouri water has decreased very far, only small vacancies with a little water on the edge of the reeds are occasionally to find.

The little egret and cattle egret are visible from far away, 4 Glossy Ibis were flying to the spot somewhat later. Many sedge Warbler and swallows were also on the way.  I then discovered a Moorhen on an open spot in the reeds and then a water rail was added. There I made some shots. Particularly pleased indicate that the breeding of the little Bittern in the area succeeded has with the end cover a juvenile little Bittern.

Currently many Shrikes are on their way in the Akrotiri gravel pits, I found 3 Grey Shrike sit on the same bush, also many Red-backed Shrike there now. Occasionally also single Roller and Eleanora Falcon on site.

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