Griffon Vulture and Birds from Akrotiri Gravel Pit

Overall, it’s the Season for Lesser Grey Shrike and red-backed Shrike, also Common Kestrel, Roller and Whinchat like it in the gravel pit bushland in Akrotiri coast area.


On my return journey to Paphos I have then speculated on the Griffon Vultures in the Episkopi - Kensington area and me very happy when I came just up the Hill on the Main road and see a group of 10 Griffon Vultures in advantage to Start in the thermals their laps.


In the Group of 10 were also 4 birds marked and with Transmitter from the "GYPAS project" in which young vultures from Crete are introduced, acclimated and then free released to increase the local population.

As you can see with great success and fantastic Moments to see these. Reach their altitude the vultures then sailing towards the mountains where they continue as usual for their feed close to the inclusion stations. Who is interested it can find more information under BirdLife Cyprus -

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