Canon EOS-1D Mark IV

The Canon EOS 1D Mark IV is for me still one of the best crop camera for use in the wildlife photography.


The APS-H 1,3x Crop Sensor with the 16.1 MB image sensor delivers excellent picture quality also with low light up in relative high ISO ranges. The 10 Frames per Sec. is still an absolute top values in the professional area. 

Over 3 years has accompanied me this Canon EOS 1D Mark IV camera on all routes in the nature.  The usual Canon Camera Serial 1D Prof-dust - and splash water protection has kept really close in the transition to the L-lenses.


Whether I was on the road in the Salt Lake, or with my floating hide in the water or on the dusty edge of the areas behind the beaches, no problem.  Some photographer say yes, you could beat nails into the wall with the 1D4, stand it ok that magnesium housing, but try I didn't want it anyway.  The Canon EOS 1D Mark IV is reliability can't be beat and I have long hesitated to give this camera out of my hand.  Finally I have 7 d Mark then against the new technology of the EOS II exchanged.


With the camera I started also to record settings also video clips with the same photo.  This is probably the only fully automated area Prof camera, but was a good technology at the time of appearance of the camera and has given me very good results. The Canon EOS 1D Mark IV was also my first DSLR video camera, since I my EOS 5 d Mark II still not used at this time for video.


Who cares for a used wildlife camera that EOS-1 D Mark IV is fully recommended!

My Camera Settings for Nature- and Bird photography on EOS 1D Mark IV
Here you find my C.Fn settings for my EOS-1D Mark IV especially used for Nature- and Bird photographing.
Kamera Einstellungen an der Canon EOS 1D
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