My photographer winter residence 2015 - the Ezousas River and Pool

With us, the rainy season has started and the temperatures have declined between 16°C at night and 25°C during day.


From the dry land areas rain comes some more green with every drop out. However, it is here again 2 weeks that the last raindrop fell. The best time for bird watchers and nature photographer from now to May next year lies ahead. The current migratory direction South is in full swing and in the spring goes back towards North.


Many species of birds spend the winter in Cyprus or insert at least longer stays. Close to me (30 km) ends of the Ezousas River to the sea. Still, the river is dry; water flows only when the dams in the mountains of rain water are filled.

Recently the Water Department has begun to fill one of the 8 rainwater retention basin next to the river. I have selected this pool as my winter residence. The Ezousas pool has a size of 40 x 16 meters and a depth of about 50 cm. The underground in the pool is the same as in the riverbed and consists of sand and gravel. Over the next few months, I have to make a lot of cleaning the surface of the water by the reeds and to keep free of aquatic vegetation. I remove also the old dead Brunches around the shore to get a clean background to photograph.

I already use the pool for new photos and video recordings. I'm currently in the midst in the pool with a tripod and a camouflage tent. Should increase the water level above 60 cm I employ my floating camouflage tent.

So, I'm always at "Eye level" to the birds and can observe the species of birds which are moving on the riverbanks of the Shore.  For the Kingfisher I somewhat cleaned up the background in his favorite place and created more Sitting place for him in the reeds. Currently, two kingfishers are alternately by the pool.

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