Bearded Reedling at Ezousas pool

I would like to tell you a little story today and show which has to do with nature and with particular bird species.


Three bird photographer, Neil Alderson (UK), Matt Smith and I meet randomly at the Ezousas pool and talking about the slightly sluggish running bird migration and which until now missing "special bird guests". 


At this moment, two birds fly from the West from coming that might have been two Penduline Tit in the reeds around the pool, which was first thought. We make us equal to the search, but can find nothing.


Matt Smith but could hear the cries of birds and recognize and somewhat nervously said that must be having the beard.

Bearded Reedling in Cyprus? The last were sighted seven years ago and so far only 10 birds as a whole, but in fact, it was a couple of Cyprus rare Panurus biarmicus bearded tit - bearded Reedling - on the flyway. So fast I never brought the camera out of the car in hopes of making at least a few pictures......


That was on Saturday, November 14, 2015 and yesterday, they moved then on Thursday, November 19th. The last few days I spent much time in the water and many photographers were out from the shore to take this rare pair. The birds showed little fear and ran some, lying on the banks of photographers near the lens. Some had to cancel their shots because the birds are gone up to 1.5 m in the lens. Now is again entered some rest of the Ezousas pool, mean time to sift some 800 RAW files and to evaluate and then steam clean a tolerable level of approx. 200 images. Here I show the first pictures now and on my homepage there's more in the next few days, then the video with the small main show finishes title "The Lady and the Tramp"

and here my Video with the Bearded Reedlings at Ezousa Pool


Please select "Full HD 1080" on YouTube Settings for the best Quality.

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