Tragedy of the Ezousa pool


Not all dreams of bird lovers and bird watchers come true, especialy not in Cyprus


Over 10 weeks has the water Department of Paphos recycling waste water from the nearby sewage treatment plant in one of the trickling pools on the river Ezousas has initiated and thus created a small bird sanctuary.


A process which actually over several months normality was the last few years. But just as surprising was the end, tributary turned off again.


Emails and phone calls, even at meetings with representatives of the authority at the pool was assured, "Tomorrow we fill up again".

Nothing happened until today and all those who have campaigned for the continued existence of the pools are very disappointed.

In the meantime, the pond has dried up, only the occasional active cases keep slightly moist the breeds of many dragonflies and frogs. The water birds are deducted from the songbirds and also the Kingfisher patrol areas have changed. Sad but true also the dried pits. It is a pity that the crucial people in the water Department that take no account at all, or probably not interested. You could here have a different character with minimal effort and cost.

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