Camera accessoires - ANGLE FINDER Viewfinder

SEAGULL 1x - 2x right view Finder / ANGLE FINDER Viewfinder for Canon, Nikon,Pentax, Sony, Leica, Olympus Fourthirds 4/3 E Series etc.


I get two Angle View Finders in my Photo Back

  • This brand new, boxed and sealed camera angle finder is made by Seagull - the market leader of the lens manufacture as well as an excellent OEM producers of lenses for industry giants such as Nikon and Canon.
  • The high quality of all Seagull products can always be assured.
  • This angle finder allows viewing and focusing from a comfortable position.
  • It is adjustable. It enables the photographer to accommodate individual eyesight i.e. long and short sightedness.
  • It is a photograph accessory which can be used for turning over to clap the document data, news photograph, providing the image from top to bottom, combining the Dioptric correction range, convenient customer usage.

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