Troodos - Mount Olympos – Giant Pine Area

Since February, I'm watching the birds in this area on the mount Olympos.


Each season has always its inimitable aroma in the air up here in the pine forest of Troodos. Now in the spring, the temperatures in the early morning hours have become considerably more pleasant and the daytime temperatures will reach soon the highs.



Early summer with daily temperatures rise then also the shortage of water for the birds up there again becomes a problem; so many species simultaneously at the few water points and occasionally trained rain puddles will arrive.


It surprised to see and hear me again and again what biodiversity is present during the breeding season in the highest regions of the Troodos Mountains. Now from middle marches I brought then always a large canister of water to refill the puddles on my visits, so to speak, my payment in the bird world for being ready with the photographer to cooperate.



Here I show in my blog from now again some pictures in the Gallery, later added a video with this topic then.

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    Paul Foster (Samstag, 21 April 2018 00:09)

    Hello Albert,just writhing my blog about my time in Cyprus.What a fantastic day we had in the Troodos...thankyou so much good friend....cheers Paul

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