Guidet Tours for Nature Friends and Bird photographers

My tour offers - are aimed at tourists, birdwatchers, photographers, videographers and nature lovers who are interested in the flora and fauna of the Republic of Cyprus.


As your personal companion, I'll bring you to the latest hotspots and also give insight into to my just running recording projects with certain bird species. My location is the municipality of Pegeia - Agios Georgios directly on the Cape Drepanum and at the entrance to the Akamas Natura 2000 protected area.

As a vehicle I use a Land Rover Freelander 4W Drive for my tours. In many situations, the car is also the best hiding place for birdwatching and bird photography. Usually I take a maximum of 1 - 3 people on tour, otherwise it will be uncomfortable.


Please note:
When touring with photographers, I attach great importance to personal care, therefore only individuals or a maximum of 2 people if they know each other and have the same photographic goals.

Info - where is what to see:

Around Paphos you can find about 70% of all bird species that can be found in Cyprus during the year are the birdwatch in spring - January to the end of May and in autumn August to December. In the period from April to August, many migratory birds are also dedicated to the island's breeding business. In June there are also a large number of wall sailors who have their ancestor breeding grounds in the Old Town areas in Paphos.

Limassol, Akrotiri Salt Lake, Zakaki Marsh, Akrotiri Gravel Pit and Akrotiri (Fasouri) Marsh.
Here you can find ducks, cranes, divers, waders, herons, flamingos, birds of bird with wasp-bush in a bird train, worms, Kings, eleonora of hawks, barrels and meadows, bee eaters and of course many singing birds living in wet and reed areas.

Larnaca Salt Lake, Meneou and Pikni Beach with the smaller salt lakes behind the airport, Oroklini Lake, ducks, divers, waders, herons, flamingos, Seagulls, fish eagle and much more are found around the Salt Lake and the Oroklini Lake, the breeding areas of the Black-winged Stilt and Spur-winged Lapwings and many other species. Note: Oroklini Lake is a well-implemented Natura 2000 Projekt, in which many species of birds can also be used during the winter period.


Troodos Mountains, Mount Olympus, Paphos Forest
Endemic species such as the Cypriot Jay, Tannenmeise, Forest Tree runner and spruce cross, Cypernstein, Amsel, mister throttle, juniper rossel, singer throttle, finch and many more in a uniquely beautiful landscape in the highest mountain region of the island. Unique nature with rare protected grassy areas and ancient trees up to 1000 years old. The temperatures above in the mountains are very different from the beach areas. Snow and frost in the winter months are normal. A 4-chair lift for skiers in winter is available and more and more hiking trails are opened.

Time lapse: Sunrise on Mount Olympus overlooking the island or starring time lapse. If you are interested, simply ask for more details.

My offer includes:

Pick-up at the hotel or agreed meeting point, continue to the different destinations. Return to the meeting point or hotel. Cooling box is available, individual drinks and meals will be provided to you. Tip: As the tours start very early you should order a lunch package in advance instead of the missed breakfast.

For the tours I recommend to wear hard shoes for your own protection. If it goes to the water or wetlands an insect protection (e.g. Autan) is strongly recommended.

Equipment: For free use I lead 2 Tents for each 2 persons, Tripod (ARCA Swiss), beanbag and much more on the tours.


Bird watching for tourists:  Just watch a few hours of birds in their natural surroundings from a short distance. An experience for young and old, which remains in memory. Just email me for contact and appointment tuning.

Individuals or groups of up to 3 persons or families with a maximum of 2 children Duration about 5-6 hours, my price 70,-- Euro

My prices for day trips

- for 1 person - duration approx. 10 hours incl. travel costs - my price € 120,--
- for 2 persons - duration approx. 10 hours incl. travel costs - my price each € 65,--

Important: Starting point of all tours is my location in Pegeia / Paphos, the collection is valid for all holiday accommodation in a radius of 30 km to my location. For larger distances, please ask for inquiries, as the pickup times will vary to be at the target points at sunrise.

All tours are arranged so that each guest can repeat the tour with their own car during their holiday stay.
Anyone who saves the goals on the spot in his smartphone Navigator or GPS has the possibility to continue these points again later. If you need equipment for your own tours, e.g. camouflage, tripod, et. can get it from me for a small fee.

On the side, I also tell you about photography, nature and bird life of Cyprus and I am open to your questions. Of course there are also tips for taking pictures. 
Anyone who wants to get more information about a cup of coffee via my personal workflow from the RAW to the finished picture with Lightroom CC, Photoshop CC or video editing with Premiere Pro CC and many plug-ins I use is cordially invited. Daily courses for the RAW workflow are available on request, of course.

For info, I'm not a smartphone type and on the mobile phone usually only accessible via SMS, especially when I am travelling for photography or filming. The best and fastest way to get in touch with me is by e-mail, that is constantly monitored.

Greetings from Cyprus,

Albert Stoecker

Prasteiou 1

CY-8560 Pegeia


Phone: +357 26343830

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