Notes on the tours

Dear bird photographers and birdwatchers,

As more and more questions regarding photo tours in Cyprus are received by me, I would like to inform you of the following information about travel and tours to Cyprus for information for your thoughts and plans.

I am pleased to welcome any visitor who is interested in the birdlife of Cyprus here on the island of Cyprus to carry out joint photo tours to the most attractive bird areas in the territory of the Republic of Cyprus.

Cyprus is open all year round, there is everything you would like to see here as a nature/bird photographer. The migratory bird-intensive time lasts from September to May, because we also have the most pleasant climate on the island. Autumn and winter, as we know it in Germany, do not exist here, the temperature in October is at 28°C, in November at 25°C, in December-January at 20-22°C, comparable to the spring in Germany. From time to time it can rain (hopefully) and in January everything is wonderfully green and blooms. But the nights can get very chilly already.

The wedding of the bird retreat to Europe is from March to May, since the bird species come from Africa, you can find new (old) bird species on the record lists every day. Flamingos stand in the salt lakes, also pelicans and of course many Limikoles are there.

Bird photography is also connected with short distances, my location is the village of Pegeia/Agios Georgios in the west of the island, directly on the Akamas protected area "Natura 2000," where from June to September the water shield baskets can also be observed laying eggs. The district town of Paphos is 15 km away.

From my location, all photo destinations are usually within 60 – 90 minutes of driving time, off we go in the early morning or in the afternoon. Even the various bird areas in the far east of the island with Capo Greco and Paralimni can be reached within 2 hours.

Cyprus is not a flat bathing island when I go out of the house I am 15 minutes later from sea level to 650 m altitude at the birds in the vineyards and it is up there in summer 4-5 ° C more pleasant than in the beach area. Up in the Troodos mountains with Mount Olympus at 1,950 m there is a ski hotel with a four-seater chairlift, with the spruce cross beak there more interested.

Some travel information for you:

Travel documents: The Republic of Cyprus is a member of the EU, identity card or passport, valid driver's license for car hire, currency is Euro.

Direct flights include Lufthansa from Munich, Frankfurt and Dusseldorf to the Int. Larnaca Airport. Many charter fliers and tour operators also fly directly to the Int. Paphos Airport. You can book flights directly and give me the flight details.

When it comes to accommodation, there are, as you know, plenty of options on a holiday island. Nevertheless, I recommend looking for an offer that offers the flight and accommodation in the package price. The search through a travel agency is very often possible with the best special offers and the fees are not much more expensive than direct bookings over the Internet. For individuals and small groups there are also smaller family hotels here with me, where the rooms with breakfast in the period from November to April for 1 week then get for 25 .--Euro/day. In season, it's around 40 .--euros per night with breakfast.

Car rental: Here in Cyprus there are "links" driven! Speed limit from the 100 km/h highway. I use an off-road vehicle because we mostly move off the roads in the open field. If you would like to carry out your own tours, it is best to book the rental car directly via the Internet so that you can take over the vehicle at the airport and also return it.

Photo Capms: Even without particularly long bags in front of the camera, there are great pictures to capture here, because the birds, for example in the Wetlands, show much less shy. For me, a Berlebach 22 UNI C with Wimberley II, Gitzo 3540 with Benro GH2 and a Manfrotto 055 Pro with conversion plate and small ball head Manfrotto. So I can help out there and you save extra transport. If you have a Kwik Camo, you can bring it with you.
Lenses: 24-35mm for landscape and time lapse, 100mm Marco for orchids, from 400 mm and everything longer for birds is a good choice here.
The photo tours I always start quite early, from about 5:00 goal is to be at sunrise at the locations. From 10am, the light will be harsh. In the afternoon so from 15:30 until sunset in the sea.

Even the non-photographing family appendix has all the possibilities here, except the beach holiday, hiking gates in autumn, lots of antiquity and first-class accommodation and localities, so that the nature photographer can indulge his hobby undisturbed with a clear conscience.

One more note: There is a DVD from the bird protection organisation BirdLife Cyprus, with which I work very closely. You get a lot of information about the (migratory) birdlife in Cyprus and also a good impression of the island itself. If you are interested in the DVD, you can order it from me at the price of 10 .--euros including shipping or directly from, in any case, the purchase price flows towards the organisation, which is pleased and thanks for the support.

If you still have detailed questions and would like to plan now, please send me an e-mail.

Greeting from Cyprus


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