Climate protection and wild waste incineration in Peyia

How do we feel about environmental and climate protection, this is a question that arises anew here on the island of Cyprus every day.

Far from that are the smoking columns of the climate damage waste burns in the Republic of Cyprus. These columns of smoke cast a very podue-worthy light on the efforts of the government and the authorities to meet EU climate and environmental objectives.

And there it is again, the term "tradition," which in Cyprus has to be used for everything when it comes to the personal advantage of individuals. This has absolutely nothing to do with the "Cypriot way of life," which I personally like, which I personally have very popular.

Here, the rights of third parties are deliberately violated for their own benefit and the legislature is watching.


Burned everything, chemical plastic containers and fertilizer bags in the banana fields, waste of any kind at construction sites, housing waste after the tourist season, tree cutting and waste of agriculture and horticultural businesses, you could continue the list for a long time. None of this is unknown to the authorities, the columns of smoke cannot be overlooked, but, astonishingly, there is no reaction. Only within the villages do one take action against neighbors as an environmental sinner, but why only there?

Actually a pity, because Cyprus has a unique nature to offer, which is worth protecting sustainably. Tourism is the most important source of income on the island and sustainable nature and climate protection can, in my opinion, contribute a great deal more to this.

And once again, Pafos Zoo has disposed of its waste just outside the zoo in a large-scale fire. A call to the fire brigade confirms once again that there is allegedly a permit from the Peyia Municipal Administration and that the police and the fire brigade are therefore unable to intervene. The fact that the local residents around the zoo have had to endure this health nuisance by the smoke and stench every 2-3 weeks in the winter half of the year, apparently by the "licensee." It is rather to be feared, however, that there is no license to incinerate the waste, but the municipality of Peyia tacitly accepts it.

It is already "surprising" why the local council and the mayor of the municipality of Peyia accept the fact that the owner of Pafos Zoo has been dancing on the nose of the community for over 15 years and so from the formerly approved "Little Bird Park with some deer" the Estate illegally continues to expand, step by step as a zoo with many unapproved facilities and buildings. All in a agricultural area that allows for a maximum of 6% of land size permitted and all other property owners have to accept these guidelines.

A Schelm, who thinks evil ...

Meanwhile, there are also some "green points," collection points for recycling waste around Paphos, which are also well received. But congregations such as Peyia obviously do not see this as a need or a necessity. So it continues to be up to everyone how to carry out their "waste regulation."

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