Sigma MC-21 Mount Converter - Canon EF - L-Mount

Sigma MC-21 Mount Converter to use Canon EF - EFS Lens with Panasonic S Serie L-Mount

  • Connection of Canon-Obj. on L-mount cameras
  • Fast, precise autofocus mode
  • Compatibility indicator via LED light
  • Incl. tripod base

With the SIGMA Mount Converter MC-21, owners of SIGMA interchangeable lenses with SA connector or EF connector (for Canon) can use their lenses on L-mount camera enclosures. This converter provides more choice for L-mount cameras, which improves the extensibility of the L-mount system.
Effective use of lenses
By using the MC-21 on the compatible SIGMA interchangeable lenses with SA connector or SIGMA interchangeable lenses with EF connector (for Canon), these can be used as L-mount system lenses to promote the effective use of existing valuable lenses.
29 interchangeable lenses are available for use on L-mount cameras
The MC-21 increases the number of sigma-manufactured interchangeable lenses that can be used with the L-mount system by 29 lenses. Thanks to compatibility with the Auto Crop function, the DC lenses designed for THE APS-C format can also be used on a camera housing with a 35mm full-frame sensor.


With the MC-21 mount converter, SIGMA interchangeable lenses with its own SA connector and SIGMA interchangeable lenses with Canon connection can be connected to the L-mount camera system.
Fast and precise autofocus
In AF-S mode, a high-precision AF is achieved. (Not compatible with AF-C mode.)
Simple interface
The LED display and the colour of the LED display make it immediately clear whether the mounted lens is compatible or not. The LED also indicates whether a lens firmware update is available.
Pre-implemented lens data
Due to the utilization of the data of the respective lens pre-implemented in the MC-21 by the special control program, autofocus and aperture control were optimized. With respect to lenses that will be published in the future, the data for the operation of these lenses are stored on the MC-21 in the lens. This means that no firmware update will be required for the use of future lenses on the MC-21. In addition, the MC-21 also supports camera correction functions such as vignetting, color cross error, and distortion.

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