From the beach up to the Mount Olympos

Or let say from Ground Level on 1950 meters in the Troodos Mountains, the winter time is no easy time for the birds remaining on the island.  While there are no major problems of the weather and forage in the lower regions, but the winter is not indented in the mountains still at the moment. Good for the wildlife you might think, but is unfortunately not the case.


The official hunting season in Cyprus starts in November and lasts until the end of February and this is a big problem for the Birds.


Over 60,000 licenses were resold by the State this year. Many bird species such as the Blackbird, Song thrush, Fieldfare and Mistle thrush are released for the launch, regardless of aid efforts for this species in the other European countries thus appear downright absurdum.

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Achna Dam and Akrotiri - Zakaki Pool


I met a very late guest end of November at the Achna dam. The Ospreys at this time is actually long in more southerly areas, but this Osprey is obvious enough fish in the dam and the weather is not too bad.



Zakaki poolside in the port area of Limassol, some of the reeds was liberated the water inlets. In the outdoor area is season for the penduline Tit, however it was very windy when I visited and no bird watch. A grey heron and an egret came up from the middle of the pool and flew toward the Salt Lake.


Here some photos



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Newsletter Video September 2017

It's been a while since the last newsletter from me but the summer 2017 was characterised by extreme heat for the little remaining birds and also for the inhabitants of the island. So I kept until again look out for with August 31 for the first time, where even migratory birds can be found.


In the large, dried-out Akrotiri Salt Lake I am struck, a water channel from the harbour area provided a linen strips with a little water on the bird life, again and again in the early morning during this time ceased.

In some video clips, suffers from the image quality through the strong flickering hot air, a phenomenon that made impossible for the more movies often already with the sunrise at 06:30.



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Long-eared "Cat" hedgehog

For several years we operate a feeding site for stray cats in the fruit tree garden. New cats are trapped after a settling-in period and by "Paphiakos Anmimal Welfare" medical supplies including sterilization. Then the cats newly set up their Habitat around our feeding area and are also get very trusting.


Now a new roommate has been added, my wife was visibly surprised as this Long-eared hedgehog asserts itself on the feeding place between the cats and felt not much disturbed by their presence.  


Have fun at the see him with the cats.......

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Akrotiri Salt Lake - September 2017

In the morning at seven the world looks fine - for a moment - click to open the picture
In the morning at seven the world looks fine - for a moment - click to open the picture
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