Christmas 2018 - Flamingos at Akrotiri Salt Lake

A beautiful and peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year 2019, Eleni and Albert wish all the relatives, friends and visitors to my website.

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Pano Chrisochou Bay - Ineia - Polis

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Troodos Mountains - Birds at puddle

Birds in the mountains of the island of Cyprus, I have just released a new video.

In spring 2018, when the rains in the Troodos mountains are no longer so frequent, there are only a few puddles of water near Mount Olympus, to which many bird species then come. In March and April is also the beginning of the breeding season, so many species can be found in her colour-rich feather dress.

Enjoy watching


YouTube setting 4K, 1440 oder 1080 auswählen bitte.

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Troodos central - first Tripp Autumn 2018

My first trip up to Mount Olympus and Livadi tou Pashia wasn't so great yet, there were countless people travelling all over the Troodos area. The rain of the last few days and the persistently good weather bring the mushroom seekers into the forest.

There are a lot of puddles of water at the moment, which makes the water search relatively easy for the birds present. So it is best to walk in the forest to see the birds and if you have a bit of luck you can take a picture. But other than acorn hunter, fir, spruce cross beaks and fitis, I haven't seen anything yet.

Some photos of the spruce cross beak disassemble while disassigning the spruce tapping.

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Zakaki Pool - new views for visitors

With one click, you go straight to the panorama to the detailed view

For more than 2 years, the Zakaki Pool has grown almost completely with reeds. The reed has now reached a height of 5-5 meters.


From the visitor tower you only have a view of the reeds and the birds in the approach or flyover. 


An open water area of about 15x30 meters has continued to form inside and there are many herons and waterfowl on site.

Now, in consultation with BirdLife Cyprus and the Environment Department, the Sewage Department of Limassol has commissioned a partial removal of the reed and a larger area in front of the visitor tower has since been mowed down.

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Akrotiri Saltlake - October 2018

with a Cklick in the Panoram you come in to the Deep Area

Anfang Oktober ist es am Akrotiri Salzsee noch relativ ruhig.


Eine Gruppe mit ca. 35 Flamingos wandern im See umher, Graureiher stehen bis in den späten Vormittag in Schlafposition, Eleonora Falken und Rohrweihen kommen zum Trinken an den Süßwasser streams und einige Limikolen halten sich and en kleinen pools auf.


Noch ist der Wasserspiegel im Salzsee fast bei Null.

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Outside Zakaki Pool - October 2018

Water rails, spotted crake, Little Crake and many others, here you can see what I encountered in the early morning everything

Location - Outside Zakaki pool, Cyprus, Limassol, Zakaki Marsh, 8th. October 2018

Camera Panasonic GH5 + Metabones Ultra + Canon EF 100-400 f4 - 5,6 L IS USM + TC1,4x


please select minimum 1080 p in YouTube settings

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Akrotiri-Zakaki Pool and Marsh 2018

Now, at the end of September 2018, the water-leading outdoor areas at the Zakaki pool are inhabited by the young birds of the water rail and spotted Crake, added Snipes, Moorhen and other waterfowl and waders.

There are also wasps buzzards on the way, as well as the many pipe consecrations. By contrast, the post-Heron are almost completely deducted.


The grey herons that are to be seen have moved their sleeping places almost exclusively into the almost dry Salt Lake.

In the small pools along the canal from the Zazaki pool to the Salt Lake there are currently fighting runners, Dunlin, Little Stint and many ringed- and common Plover. If you are lucky you will always see less frequent visitors like the Temnick Stint at the Moment.

Here some pictures for you......

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September 2018 - Honey buzzards during bird migration

Around the Akrotiri Salt Lake in September, in the morning hours, large groups of Honey buzzards to be seen, which came from here sleeping places surrounding mountains in Limassol area to the meeting points around the Akrotiri Salt Lake.


There, the buzzards start to use with rising temperatures the forming thermals over the Akrotiri marsh region with their circular glides and rise to high altitudes. 


Groups around the 100-200 buzzards are not a rarity.


Once you have reached the ideal starting altitude, start your next flight to the nearest destination on your trip to the south.

But also many other bird species, e.g. bee-eaters and Stranglers have arrived on the migration in this area, many also to spend the winter here in Cyprus. Here are some pictures and later a video.

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Summer Birds Cyprus 2018

Rohrweihe, Western Marsh Harrier, Circus aeroginosus, Cyprus, Akrotiri Marsh, 08.09.2018 2018
Rohrweihe, Western Marsh Harrier, Circus aeroginosus, Cyprus, Akrotiri Marsh, 08.09.2018 2018

In August I visit several Days the little Pool at Ineia - Pittokopos and also on several days in the Akrotiri Marsh on the road with the camera.

In the early morning hours at sunrise at the Zakaki pool warn all Heron species on the way, the one left the pool, the Night Heron and Grey Heron came back to their sleeping and breeding grounds.

In the pool to the left of the visitor hide went the water tilted, 2 days later was miraculously filled the pool area again well. Very much to the delight of the 3 kingfishers, which settle there on the seat branches alternately.

And then there are also the three pipe consecrations, which in the air often disagree and show glorious situations for the photographer in the air.

Ladys miles still shows up quite dry, some Kentish Plover, Dunlin, Curlew Sandpiper, Little Stint. Towards the end of the month, the water level has increased minimally. In the areas in front of the Salt Lake there were still many shorebirds, glossy ibis and terns on the way in August, meanwhile the area has been relatively dry, Demoisielles cranes I have not yet found there for photographing.


Please visit also my Taxonomic Bird List with a lot new photos from Night Heron, Western Marsh Harier und lot more Birds.

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Summer time, extremes for the bird life of the island of Cyprus

Summer in Cyprus, the months of July and August offer the highest temperatures for holidaymakers, but they are looking for the sun for a bathing holiday. The summer 2018, however, even for local conditions even more extreme and long-lasting temperature periods in the luggage.

For nature, especially the bird species that spend the summer on the island, the extreme conditions and long distances from their ancestral habit to the next watering point. In the search for a nest cavity was used by Hoopoe in the spring in an olive tree, I accidentally found such a watering point and where water is, there is life.

I have therefore prepared an info for you in July. Which shows what is so flying and comes to the water.

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5 juvenile Little Owl´s in Slow motion

juvenile Little Owls - Feeding Scene

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Juvenile Little Owl´s - third week outside

Now the common time with the little owl family is so slowly coming to an end, when I come to the hotbed, the boys fly to more distant places.


They have become somewhat accustomed to the big Bush (My tent) in front of their place, but safety and the warning cries of the adults is now going on.


However, they still like to receive the feeding in the usual place and it happens that one of the others snatches the food away. Only when the mother is distributed everything remains peaceful.

In themselves the boys are well prepared for the way to self-employment, as can be seen in the pictures, the breast plumage is now with drawing in plumage, the tail feathers, which are needed for a stable flight, are also almost ready. As you can see in the photos, the coloring of the breast plumage is not as clear as the old ones, but there is not much left. As Sabine has already pointed out in the Eröffnungstread, it is best to identify the species of owls at the head drawing and this also begins to develop among the young. For some, the so-called "shadow Face" on the back of the head is already recognizable in approaches.

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Video Clip Part 1 - 5 juvenile Little Owl´s

the Video shows the 5 Juvenile little owl at the nest cavity in here Habitat.

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Lttle Owl calling

A little owl calls in the breeding season

Preview Project Video

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Video clip 1 Little Owl breeding

For preliminary information A short excerpt from the Life of the new Little Owl family with 4 young birds in the Anarita Park Cyprus.

The final version of the project video will be released later.

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Little Owl - breeding sesson 2018

Since the beginning of April I am 2-3 x the week in the Anarita Park area at the nesting site of the stone Strigidae family to capture the entire breeding season and rearing of the stone Strigidae family – "Athena Noctua" in a video and photo project

Now, with the first sighting of the young birds at the entrance of the nest cavity was, I start my blog entry and show photos of the protagonists and the location and will also write something about the species "little owl in Cyprus".

The little owl is a very frequently represented Bird in Cyprus. Since it is a partly "day hunter" It is always easy to find in the corresponding habitats.

Important to know, the female of the little Owl lays 2-6 eggs within 2 days and incubates the eggs alone. The male supplies the female during the breeding season and later also the offspring with fodder. The feeding to the chicks is usually carried out by the female. 

The breeding sesson is approx. 28 days and the rearing of the Chicks until leaving the nest cavity was about 30 days. Then the young birds fly around with their parents and are provided with a time until they then occupy their own areas.   

Time to open my blog with some photos now…

Ladies first, the Little Owl female is slightly larger, 3-4 cm bigger and also slightly heavier, 30-40 Gr. than the male. Our female is clearly darker brown feathered and the eyebrows are visibly shorter. The shadow face on the back of the head is also much more pronounced.

Our little owl male is a little smaller and is much brighter colored, especially noticeable also on the eyebrows to recognize.

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Short-toed Treecreeper - Cyprus Endemic-sub species

With this Video "Short-toed Treecreeper" I am starting my new Viedeo serial about the Cyprus Endemic-sub species


This little brown bird is difficult to spot as it creeps like a tiny mouse around tree trunks and branches to find insects and spiders, which it then extracts from the tree bark with its thin curved beak.

This Bird is a common resident of the forests of Troodos and Pafos.


Hope you like it, your comment are welcome

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Montagus Harrier on Migration

6 x Montagus Harrier in one stroke.

The Montagus Harrier, 2 x male and 4 x female, I found on May 2 at the same time over the hilly Anarita Park area to draw their circles.

A little later I was able to observe 2 Harrier in the immediate vicinity on the hunt. The super gliders took advantage of the east wind and showed their flying skills while searching and hunting.

The Montagus Harrier are passing every year on their way  from Africa to Europe on the island, but mostly remain only 2-3 days in our area.

Here some pictures from there activities at Anarita Area


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Troodos - Mount Olympos – Giant Pine Area

Since February, I'm watching the birds in this area on the mount Olympos.


Each season has always its inimitable aroma in the air up here in the pine forest of Troodos. Now in the spring, the temperatures in the early morning hours have become considerably more pleasant and the daytime temperatures will reach soon the highs.



Early summer with daily temperatures rise then also the shortage of water for the birds up there again becomes a problem; so many species simultaneously at the few water points and occasionally trained rain puddles will arrive.


It surprised to see and hear me again and again what biodiversity is present during the breeding season in the highest regions of the Troodos Mountains. Now from middle marches I brought then always a large canister of water to refill the puddles on my visits, so to speak, my payment in the bird world for being ready with the photographer to cooperate.



Here I show in my blog from now again some pictures in the Gallery, later added a video with this topic then.

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European Roller and Red-footed Falcon

The Roller gratifying number of breeding arrived in the area of Asprokremmos and Anarita.


Almost at the same time, the lesser Kestrel, red-footed falcon and some Montagu´s Harriers to the stopover is arrived to recover from the first part of their journey and strengthen for the onward flight in the breeding areas.


The power lines along the dirt roads are the best overview in the hunt on the large and small insects in the dry meadows and fields.


At the Rollers now starts the time of relations before the breeding, the male must prove his devotion with permanent food offerings to the female and show that he can later supply also the young. Only then are the Coppola and the reference of the chest caves in the surrounding breeding areas. This year, I will deal in detail with the Rollers as video documentary in a project.



Here are some pictures from the last few days, also you can do many new pictures in the picture gallery, bird taxonomy list and see the incoming types.

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Akrotiri Marsh - Fasouri Spring 2018

Akrotiri Marsh - Fasouri Reed bed

Is not all "in butter" in the converted Fasouri wetland but the wetland water management and the natural “reeds mowers” work as planned. Watch is all in the area of the Northern visitors hide.


Water is the magic formula that have brought back such as typical Waterfowls as the Garganey, Teal, Ferruginous, Norther Shoveler and Mallard back in this area of Akrotiri Marsh.


Pleasing to observe that the ducks offspring there is. Glossy Ibis, Squacco Heron, little Egret, purple Herons and even the cattle egrets on site. A large number of coots and gallinules, waders, little Grebe and Kingfisher and again Pallid Swifts fly over the wetlands.


Now, the only thing missing it’s to set up those Visitor hide in a condition where the present birds are not disturbed by visible Visitors moving inside and outside. Then, the Northern hide at Akrotiri Marsh will move in a genuine visitor hotspot for birdwatchers and photographers. I've seen, the beginning is already made…….


Here some photos from April 2018

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Wings on the Wind - BirdLife Cyprus documentary

BirdLife Cyprus documentary - Wings on the Wind


How did we learn about the wonder of bird migration? How long does it take? What difficulties do birds face on this journey?


These are some of the questions that the 20-minute documentary deals with, while presenting impressive footage of natural landscapes and birds in Cyprus: from our endemic species, the Cyprus Wheatear and the Cyprus Warbler, to the unmistakeable Roller and the bright-coloured Bee-eater.

The BirdLife Cyprus documentary highlights the urgent need for the protection of birds and nature in general, since unfortunately they are facing a growing number of threats. Knowledge, love and appreciation are a prerequisite for taking responsible action in favor of birds and nature, but also for humans, who also depend on healthy ecosystems.


Birds are all around us, hidden in plain sight. Even if you cannot see them, you can definitely hear them. Especially during the spring season, when birds make their presence even more known with their song and their bold and beautiful colours to attract a mate and breed. The sounds, colours and smells are what make spring the perfect time to get to know nature as well as the rich avifauna of Cyprus.


This documentary is a first step towards discovering the natural wealth of our island. The second step is to go outside, enjoy it and cherish it…


BirdLife Cyprus created this documentary in the framework of its awareness-raising campaign against illegal bird trapping, with funding by NABU (BirdLife in Germany) and the Heinz Sielmann Foundation.


To learn more about the problem of illegal bird trapping and BirdLife Cyprus’ campaign against this problem:

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Oroklini Lake - February 2018

Oroklini Lake - February 2018


I visited the Oroklini Lake in the early morning on the last day of February. There were about 90 flamingos on the spot and about 100 cattle egrets.

Also came again larger groups of Duck Lake flying. In the riparian zones were several pairs spur lapwings and some stilt on the road, in the Middle, 2 pairs Pochards we’re watching. Coots, little Grebe, Pintail and Mallard.

Around 8:30, the Lake has emptied; the cattle egret and a great part of the duck are more drawn, presumably to the Larnaca Salt Lake.



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All of a sudden he was there, the Peacock

That was already a surprise for me when I discovered a large bird in the bushes in a wasteland between Beach and garden equipment.


Only when I followed the unknown bird through the bushes I could make out a female Peacock.


Several stone chickens stayed in his environment. Later, I could observe how the Peacock in a nearby Orange Grove is flown.


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Acctualy just a puddle

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