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24. Dezember 2018
A beautiful and peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year 2019, Eleni and Albert wish all the relatives, friends and visitors to my website.
03. Dezember 2018
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06. November 2018
Birds in the mountains of the island of Cyprus, I have just released a new video. In spring 2018, when the rains in the Troodos mountains are no longer so frequent, there are only a few puddles of water near Mount Olympus, to which many bird species then come. In March and April is also the beginning of the breeding season, so many species can be found in her colour-rich feather dress. Enjoy watching YouTube setting 4K, 1440 oder 1080 auswählen bitte.
28. Oktober 2018
My first trip up to Mount Olympus and Livadi tou Pashia wasn't so great yet, there were countless people travelling all over the Troodos area. The rain of the last few days and the persistently good weather bring the mushroom seekers into the forest. There are a lot of puddles of water at the moment, which makes the water search relatively easy for the birds present. So it is best to walk in the forest to see the birds and if you have a bit of luck you can take a picture. But other than acorn...

26. Oktober 2018
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25. Oktober 2018
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11. Oktober 2018
Water rails, spotted crake, Little Crake and many others, here you can see what I encountered in the early morning everything Location - Outside Zakaki pool, Cyprus, Limassol, Zakaki Marsh, 8th. October 2018 Camera Panasonic GH5 + Metabones Ultra + Canon EF 100-400 f4 - 5,6 L IS USM + TC1,4x please select minimum 1080 p in YouTube settings
30. September 2018
Now, at the end of September 2018, the water-leading outdoor areas at the Zakaki pool are inhabited by the young birds of the water rail and spotted Crake, added Snipes, Moorhen and other waterfowl and waders. There are also wasps buzzards on the way, as well as the many pipe consecrations. By contrast, the post-Heron are almost completely deducted. The grey herons that are to be seen have moved their sleeping places almost exclusively into the almost dry Salt Lake.

26. September 2018
Around the Akrotiri Salt Lake in September, in the morning hours, large groups of Honey buzzards to be seen, which came from here sleeping places surrounding mountains in Limassol area to the meeting points around the Akrotiri Salt Lake. There, the buzzards start to use with rising temperatures the forming thermals over the Akrotiri marsh region with their circular glides and rise to high altitudes. Groups around the 100-200 buzzards are not a rarity. Once you have reached the ideal starting...

06. September 2018
In August I visit several Days the little Pool at Ineia - Pittokopos and also on several days in the Akrotiri Marsh on the road with the camera. In the early morning hours at sunrise at the Zakaki pool warn all Heron species on the way, the one left the pool, the Night Heron and Grey Heron came back to their sleeping and breeding grounds. In the pool to the left of the visitor hide went the water tilted, 2 days later was miraculously filled the pool area again well. Very much to the delight of...

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