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The days before Christmas at Mandria beach

In the last days at Mandria Beach I could watch a swarm with 52 Golden Plover. To my surprise joined a small group with 5 starlings the Plovers and stay 2 days in the midst of the Golden Plover have felt very much at home.


A female Harrier moved into larger temporal intervals again over the fields and on a small puddle that I filled with fresh water every day the 3 Water Pipit and others felt very comfortable.


Here a small selection for you.

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From my next environment..

From my next environment I want to show here all recorded in recent weeks shooting you.  Within a radius of about 30 km, you will find very many places where actually year-round certain bird species are resident.


This related species joined then during bird migration, especially in the winter.  


But, through the mild winter in Europe, I have the impression that the number of winter visitors as a whole substantially less fails so far. 


Maybe you like taking one or the other photo.

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Tragedy of the Ezousa pool


Not all dreams of bird lovers and bird watchers come true, especialy not in Cyprus


Over 10 weeks has the water Department of Paphos recycling waste water from the nearby sewage treatment plant in one of the trickling pools on the river Ezousas has initiated and thus created a small bird sanctuary.


A process which actually over several months normality was the last few years. But just as surprising was the end, tributary turned off again.


Emails and phone calls, even at meetings with representatives of the authority at the pool was assured, "Tomorrow we fill up again".

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Bearded Reedling at Ezousas pool

I would like to tell you a little story today and show which has to do with nature and with particular bird species.


Three bird photographer, Neil Alderson (UK), Matt Smith and I meet randomly at the Ezousas pool and talking about the slightly sluggish running bird migration and which until now missing "special bird guests". 


At this moment, two birds fly from the West from coming that might have been two Penduline Tit in the reeds around the pool, which was first thought. We make us equal to the search, but can find nothing.


Matt Smith but could hear the cries of birds and recognize and somewhat nervously said that must be having the beard.

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My photographer winter residence 2015 - the Ezousas River and Pool

With us, the rainy season has started and the temperatures have declined between 16°C at night and 25°C during day.


From the dry land areas rain comes some more green with every drop out. However, it is here again 2 weeks that the last raindrop fell. The best time for bird watchers and nature photographer from now to May next year lies ahead. The current migratory direction South is in full swing and in the spring goes back towards North.


Many species of birds spend the winter in Cyprus or insert at least longer stays. Close to me (30 km) ends of the Ezousas River to the sea. Still, the river is dry; water flows only when the dams in the mountains of rain water are filled.

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Anarita Park - October 2015 Migration

The Stonechat are back.


In large numbers I've encountered area the birds on Monday October 19th in the Anarita, it is assumed that many other species will follow in the next few days on their way to the South.


I will stay try to shoot as many as possible of them or hold the Stonechat on video.


Here in Cyprus we get them now for a few months.

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Griffon Vulture and Birds from Akrotiri Gravel Pit

Overall, it’s the Season for Lesser Grey Shrike and red-backed Shrike, also Common Kestrel, Roller and Whinchat like it in the gravel pit bushland in Akrotiri coast area.


On my return journey to Paphos I have then speculated on the Griffon Vultures in the Episkopi - Kensington area and me very happy when I came just up the Hill on the Main road and see a group of 10 Griffon Vultures in advantage to Start in the thermals their laps.


In the Group of 10 were also 4 birds marked and with Transmitter from the "GYPAS project" in which young vultures from Crete are introduced, acclimated and then free released to increase the local population.

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The cranes are flying again to South

It´s the time Demoiselle Crane move in large groups over the island to the South. Now the time starts also for the nature photographer after the long summer break with the sighting of the preferred bird places to start.


Following the Crane I move yesterday to the Salt Lake in Akrotiri. I have not found crane but hunters who were there with their dogs and thus impossible to make a rest the migratory birds.


At the Salt Lake, Greater flamingos are according to my estimate about 2000 and many Black-winged  Stilt I could watch, four Honey buzzards to. In the wetlands of Fassouri water has decreased very far, only small vacancies with a little water on the edge of the reeds are occasionally to find.

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Summer 2015 - Birds at Mount Olympus - Troodos

Summertime in Cyprus,

the beaches ar filled with tourists, feathered bird species at this time only the native species. Not really the time for Birdwatcher.


Therefore, I deal with other topics of photography and video such as E.g. time lapse for Sunrise and Sunset. To looking for a good absorption place time lapse I decided for a Sunrise for the Mount Olympus, with 1952 m the highest mountain on the island in the Troodos Mountains.


I was already to find last Saturday around 5: 00 on the mountain to a location of the ideal camera for the time lapse. The view up there is splendid; you can capture completely the eastern half of the island in clear on the sensor.

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Juvenile Birds in June

After the major bird migration in spring, for the bird photographer not the best conditions are from June until October.


Especially lighting conditions good for photographers on shorten moments early tomorrow or shortly before sunset. In particular the shimmering air allows barely detailed images even at short distances. Special bird motifs? Who observed the bird’s intensive forage is very quickly also the itinerant old birds young birds that have already left the nest and need to be fed.


Tuesday morning I was surprised to find a Red-rumped swallows family on a small watercourse in the mountains. Five young swallows sitting there over an hour on the same spot in the Bush and are fed by the two old birds patiently.

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Spring review bird migration 2015

There were eventful days with exceptionally many species of birds, who have resided on their passing through for a few days in our Paphos district. Encouragingly for all my Guests, who were with me on the road on photo tour and could make many successful photo shoots to take them with home.


The European Rollers, Redd-footed and Lesser Kestrels, Bee-eater, Shrikes, Warbler and some flycatchers are now here, many of them are here to breed and create new populations.


Around the salt lakes and wetlands in Limassol and the Big dams, the waders are strong now. But first, I'm still watch the mask Shrike and other species in the mountains around Amargeti, Galataria and Vretsia on the track...

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Spring Bird Migration - Anarita Park

This spring bird migration is in full swing.  I have limited myself in the last few days only on the "Anarita Park" and am thrilled what there is to find all species of birds.


I want to keep as many as possible migratory birds on RAW video. Whenever I have the RAW footage for a clip in the box then I start photographing the Bird. I'm trying kind to catch still enough picture material.


In the post processing workflow with the videos already joy comes up with me regarding the new image material. I can promise you now nice video shots will follow.  You find here a few pictures and also in the gallery under "new images" divided according to the types much more.


Have fun viewing the photos.

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Rare birds in Cyprus - Rufus-tailed Rock Trush

Currently, we have a rare guest who has inserted a break on his way on the island again. It may have to do with the strong winds, which prevailed in the last week.


The Rufus-tailed Rock Trush stays over winter South of the Sahara and is now on its way to Europe. Its Habitat is usually located in regions up to 1500m.


The Rufus-tailed Rock Trush differs very much from his relative, the blue Rock Trush, also currently lingering on the island.  At Anarita Park near Paphos, he finds the locations necessary for him during his rest.


It was possible to document this rare spring guest and taking pictures on footage for a video.

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"In Song"

It is the active time of the bird males, they show themselves at their best and their voices sound as loud as possible.


I found Corn Buntings everywhere "in Song"

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Nicosia - Athalassa Lake and Paphos Area

Last week, I was to photograph just present tufted ducks on Lake Athalassa in Nicosia.


My Friend Filippos photographed them two Days before very near to him. Unfortunately the birds do not always behave so as the photographer would like that, on my visit they keep a big distance far away from the camera.


The Nothern Shoffeler duck became more apparent and so a few came on the Camera sensor. 

The common Coot is always a photographic challenge, black plumage and the white face plate, hard to photograph correctley in the sunlight.


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Finch´s Wheatear at Anarita Hill

The good thing, the Hunting season is over, it was really quiet at Anarita Park in the last Days.


Big Swarms of Wood Larks mixed with Linnets, Goldfinches and Corn Buntings flying around.


Sometimes I see one male Blue Rock thrush and also 3 Finch´s Wheatear found his Places there.



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Whimbrel - Numenius phaeopus

Yesterday I was with my Friend Filippos Georgiades in Paphos at the Kefalos beach. We loocking for the Great crested Grebe; is still there but because of the rough seas, he was only in the distance to see.


Then, we have discovered two Turnstone and the Whimbrel forage on the banks on the washed-up seaweed. Later came an Common Sandpiper also.


We took some pictures, but I was not really satisfied with the photo quality because I get only the EF100-400 Lens with me and must use an 1,4 Teleconverter also.


The Whimbrel keeps always his flight distance. He was always too far away for good shots with my Equipment.


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Great crested Grebe at Kefalos Beach in Paphos.

According to the calendar, we have still winter but nature shows us the spring in Cyprus. First 4 photos made at Anarita Park.


Thanks to Matt Smith for the Info about the great crested grebe who is still fishing (29.01.2015) on the shore at Kefalos Beach in Paphos. 


However, the waves are very much and the bird and photographer have to fight with those.


When the cormorants come, the great crested grebe pulls back slightly. The Turnstone on the sea grass mountains take little notice of them and also not retreat before the strong spray.

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Akrotiri - Fassouri Wetlands

Yesterday I was after a long break again at the Fassouri wetlands. 


The water level is currently very high, so that the birds reside mostly in the Interior of the Reed area.  A green Sandpiper I saw briefly, otherwise no waders were there.


I have seen some Penduline Tit, Moustached Warbler, Bluethroat and Robins in the reeds but these birds not came out of the reed to take pictures.


Only a Kingfisher female came always back over to the fish and the preening.  I show a few pictures of it in the attached Gallery.

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Chrimson-winged Finch - Part 3

Tuesday, January 20, 2015,  Jan and Dave Walker have a second Chrimson-winged Finch in Mandria on the beach discovered.


It is a juvenile female bird who is now present with the already present male in the area. The colour of the plumage is much simpler, the red part in the wings is less pronounced. Today we have tried to make a couple of shots, but in the 4 hours I were present I can make only some record photos.


On Friday, I'll try to get some better shots of the bird.

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Crimson-winged Finch - Docu part 2

When I got the message about the sighting of a Crimson-winged Finch by Colin Richardson a week ago I knew nothing of this bird. 


Since Friday 16. Jan. I am grasp now the events and corresponding images in a documentary together.


It is the second registration of this bird in Cyprus History, accordingly, also the crowds of interessted birdwatchers is enormous. In fact it is the Rhodopechys sanguineus. (Male) – Crimson-winged Finch.


According to Wikipedia, it is an Alpine species that finding in bald mountain scenery between 1700 and 3300 m, in Middle East, Atlas Mountains, NW-Africa and Turkey, for example. More info about this Bird here at Wikipedia.

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my Black Serial at Mandria Beach

In the last Days I spend many hours to search the Crimson-winged Finch at Mandria Beach. On Friday I meet him first time.


During the Hours at the Mandria picnic area, I noticed some interesting Light Details when photographing. The wooden seating with wooden roof would be ideally suitable as a framework for bird shots. 


The sea and the blue sky between the table and the roof area would serve me a beautiful background. At the right time the wooden roof is to perceive itself as black shadow.


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Crimson-winged Finch - a Highlander visit Cyprus

Mandria beach, 13-Jan (DN, LAC)

CRIMSON-WINGED FINCH 1 seen briefly 15.00 - 15.10h, flew off (probably nearby) but not relocated in fading light. 2nd Cyprus record.


This message by Colin Richardson went on Tuesday at 18:00 on the net and started a rally of many birdwatchers and photographers on the island in the direction of Mandria beach.


Unfortunately some "birders" lose their otherwise imposed restraint, everyone would like to see the rare bird first and taking first pictures.


I cannot understand many birders in the behavior.


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Birding at Sunday Morning at Mandria Beach

Already on Friday afternoon, I had discovered a group of 11 Golden Plover, resting in the Barrens to the Mandria beach.


The lighting conditions were not but more good, so I have only a few record pictures with the EOS 7D2 and the EF 100-400 made.


Between the Storms with rain and strong winds I've used the quiet period of weather on Sunday morning, to see the winter guests who already are noticed on Friday. 


Resting on the large field at the Lark corner I found 5 golden plover and a large swarm of 120 field larks flew around nervously...

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Lower Ezousas Pools and around

After a lot of Kingfisher photos in the last Days 2014 I spend some time again on Sunday to get them Diving. But this Bird is very fast and clever; never do so as I think he will do.


On the Pools a lot other birds around, especially in the early Morning when they are feeding outside in the Gras.


Hopefully the heavy Rain we get everywhere will fill up the Pools and Dams around and the Water birds and Waders get better Conditions there, the small Dam at Arminou overflowed today.

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