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Mistle Thrush, Fieldfare and other Winter Birds at Troodos Mountains -2016

Looking for Fieldfare and Mistle thrush I have undertaken several trips in the Troodos Mountains. The Thrushs wintering in the mountains represent still a species shared for hunting, with it for the Hunter no difference where the birds.

Generaly Monday morning i get up there and arrive early in the morning. I find often more emptier cartridge cases like birds. The Bird groups flying around are smaller and smaller. Also I find a lot empty cartridge boxes and the targed Birds can be regarded as printed photos. I often think that the cartridge cases and cartons should fall on the game wardens of forestry or hunting authority in middle of designated protected areas as open as the trash is out and as often as that there're but far from...

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Christmas Winter drive to Troodos

The weather report promised a sunny day in the mountains, so climb aboard and ride in a winter landscape, which reminded me of my home in Germany.


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October - November - Winter Birds in my Home Area - Cyprus

One might think that the bird world has to offer nothing particularly in October and November. There are usually also all known and much photographed birds, which are perceived not so much.


In the environment of Mandria in the beach and the fields very much butterflies were in the flowered gorse bushes, some pigment in addition to all the species of birds.


During a tour with our dogs in the afternoon I saw a Song thrush and because in Cyprus all butterfly species including the Blackbird to the hunt by the Government are released, I put me there on the next day in the morning hours in the camouflage tent.

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September Migration Birds at the Agia Varara Soakaways Soakaways

Water is the Basic of Life


Yet I have not seen through the system of so-called Soakaways, why these were excavated approximately 30 x 30 m large pool next to the river bed, in my home country would be that as rainwater retention basin, but rain is scarce in Cyprus.


Right now in September the Water Department has begun from time to time to fill these pools with water from the nearby running irrigation channels.


It flows then for several hours Water in these reservoirs, unthil the pools filled up to approx. 30-40 cm water level.

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Cyprus, Polis Chrysochou Bay, 4-Sep 2016, a great Day for Nature and Bird Migration

One day I will long keep in memory as a nature photographer.


All started around 6:30 with a swarm Demoiselle Crane at high altitude; I could only estimate the number.


Then, a little later came the first group Purple Herons and Grey herons, which started to revolve about the tall eucalyptus trees at the campsite and to settle down there but then.


And then there have been more and more, I couldn't believe my luck and made photos and videos every minute.


The Heron flew around again and again to the trees, always new rounds out on the sea and again about me.

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Lesser Grey Shrikes as early autumn migratory birds

The last weeks have been here extremely hot, now, ending of August returns life in the actions of the bird world and the observer.


The Demoissele cranes are flying again over the island to the South; some groups make a stopover on the island.


I looked around in the last August week very early on the day somewhat in the traditional Bird Areas and found some Birds in Mandria.


A greater number of Lesser Grey Shrike and Red-backed Shrike have settled on their hike there, sit on power lines, trees and bushes to hunt and rest.

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Summer Pano Asprokremmos Dam

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First Amur Falcon in Cyprus

The Amur Falcon (Falco amurensis) is very closed with the Red footed Falcon (Falco vespertinus), my photo shows the stressed Amur Falcon on his arrival after a long journey.


This Amur Falcon arrived with a group of Red footed Falcon and stay for 3 Weeks in the wasteland between Agia Varvara and Anarita, Paphos district.


It´s the first Amur Falcon, which is registered in Cyprus ever now.

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Red-footed Falcon in Paphos District

The Red-footed Falcon (Falco vespertinus), formerly western red-footed falcon, is a bird of prey. It belongs to the family Falconidae.


In the last week of April 2016, the Group Red-footed Falcon arrived back again in the wasteland between Agia Varvara and Anarita, Paphos district.


In this Group came an unexpected visitor to Cyprus,

the first Amur falcon.


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European Bee-eater as summer guests

Like every year, a large group of bee-eaters end of March comes back on the island of Cyprus.


While some couples occupy the small breeding areas other birds use the island as a resting and feeding place and move around.


Next to our home the birds sit in Groups up to 50 birds often early in the morning on the power lines. Generally, the Bird like old Carop trees used as Basic for there hunting.


But this old Trees mostly illegally were cut down by traders of firewood. Now nothing more than the power lines on the streets remains the bee eaters.

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Sardinian Warbler - new generation

The first breeding season at the Sardinian Warblers is almost complete. Somewhere in Anarita Park I have taken the opportunity a few shots close.


The breeding pair was right eagerly at the feed transport towards the nest to feed the young birds in the nest. The nest with food was served at very short intervals. Especially the female was more likely to see.


Then I was also witness to a drama at the nest. First of all, I noticed only the nervous flying around the old birds to nest around. Then I saw two almost fully fledged young birds without tail in the Oleander bushes around bounce. Also the first short flights from branch to branch. Usually they are only in the Bush with the nest on the way.

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Red-backed Shrike at Anarita Area

A small tree in the spacious Anarita Barrens is the focal point for many itinerant birds.

Some birds place only a short rest in the tree. Others use the tree as a ideal location to forage in their habitat.


Under the tree, the ideal nesting place for the breeding business is with some Oleander bushes.

So there just a few Cetti's Warbler and two pairs of the Sardinian Warbler in the breeding business stay.

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Greater Sand Plover at Mandria Beach

last Wednesday, I went first on my way to Anarita to the Mandria beach along. It was before sunrise, when I discovered the two Plover located betwen the Truck and the Beach there.


The Distance to me was approximately 10 m. The strong reddish coloration on the breast feathers I had never before seen on Greater Sand Plover so I was not shure about the Species.

So I made two quick backup photos and then unwrapped the large lens.


A few minutes later started also the sunrise and the rays of the Sun were like a spotlight on the birds, which lit up more and more. Everything, why a photographer is early in the morningon on the road, was now happens in the next 10 minutes with a beautiful Light.  Yes, until just the first dog walker passing by...

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Our noisy neighbour, the Black Francolin

Away in the adjacent banana fields, a Black Francolin has only a few meters from the House his territory. On time every morning before the first rays of the Sun, he stands on his control Hill and begins its ownership claim for this Station communicated loudly.


Ok, usually it takes some time before I documented something that has been one every day in the environment around me. Now where the spring bird migration is already almost passed through I have decided to visit my neighbor now.


So I go before Sunrise in the banana field next to our House to watch the morning Herald. I have sitting 20 m from the House away with a cup of coffee between some banana plants and quickly heard the Francolin at the suspected site, then I spotted and observed him.

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4 days with the Montagu´s Harrier at Anarita

On Wednesday 13 April in the early morning I noticed the Montagu´s Harriers for the first time near the entrance from Agia Varvara to the Anarita area.


Spontaneously, I have observed over two hours the two male Montagu´s Harriers. In between came even a female Harrier.


They hunted in this try Grasland area together with approx. 8 Kestrels and 2 Eleonorafalken.


My decision has fallen slightly to observe these ordinations longer and maybe photograph then.

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Red-tailed (Turkestan) Shrike

This morning I was at 6:00 at the Mandria beach by the small Rock islets. I hope to see, like the day before, again grey and Little egrets there land for a break.

At 9:00am I broke off unsuccessfully the action because there were no birds in flight to se.

In the Grasland next to the Beach I see many Northern Wheatear and just before I leave the Area I notice a Bird on a big bushes near a paddock. I checked with the binoculars and seen a Shrike with clear mask. maybe an Isabeline Shrike?


So I went to the Bush and made a few pictures, still from a bigger distance. The shrike give´s me just a few second´s and fly away. I quickly follow him and found him again in a large Bush along with Spanish sparrows, Whinchat and Sardinian warblers.

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Spring Migration Anarita - March 2016

In this blog post I limited myself essentially on incoming birds to March 2016 around Anarita and Mandria on the island of Cyprus.


Anarita and Mandria is located in the West of the island near the city of Paphos and is my main area for bird watching and bird photography.


Also scenic, this area offers interesting insights during the seasons.


It is always amazing come and go as changed the biodiversity of one the next day. But there remain many species over the summer in Cyprus and do their breeding business here.

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Akrotiri - Lady´s Miles and Zakaki Marsh

At my last visit on March 12 together with Paul Foster from England we met many through migratory birds in the water and on land in the area of Zakaki Marsh and Lady’s Miles.


When we arrived on Zakaki Pool at 6:00 four grey herons and five little egrets flying of from the pond, in the pound still five ferruginous ducks with some Mallard, Coots, grouse, and Little Grebe in the water. Later then we see also a young Flamingo was added, who has an injury to the leg and uses the small island in the pool as a resting place.


In the reeds, 3 Penduline Tit, a Cetti's Warbler and2 Sedge Warbler we see, in the air over the reed one handsome number of Common and pallid swift, Red-breasted swallows and barn swallows flying around. On the other side of the road one Bluethroat and one green Sandpiper walking around.

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Kestrel couple hunting at Mandria Fields

This week we had the Kestrel couple on the hunt for insects in a grain field in front of the Falcon rock to observe the opportunity from close range.


Was good to watch, that the Hawks had divided the area between them is, the male was only in "the half" of field hunting, females on "their half".


After the Falcons catch a insect on the field ground they flying back to the rocks to eat immediately. After he finished the meal then they went back to the next catch in the field. So they ar working in short takt from about 2-3 Minutes.


Here are some pictures

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Namaqua Dove at Mandria

It took some time anthill I am addressed myself about the Namaqua Dove, which was spotted in Mandria.


The Dove is widespread in Africa and breeds normally South of the Sahara desert. It is also time to time spotted in Israel. First, it is this Dove the fourth registration for Cyprus.


The Dove is not bigger than a House Sparrow but the tail is many times longer. 

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March 2016 - some Photos from Troodos

Some photos from the mountains, all around the mount Olympos are still snowfields in shady areas.


The empty parking spaces, paths and ski slopes are covered with large and small puddles of water, which were closed in the early morning with a thin layer of ice.


The lighting situation for photographers is not particularly good, just in the Woods has in the morning the sun still deeply hardly the way to brighten up the shadow area. Later on, when the Sun stay high the light is hard and bright.

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Birds on Migration and early Summer visitors

The Corn Bunting is one of the first summer guests in the spring arrives in Cyprus and extended the bird population on Cyprus.


Many others Birds ar just on Migration with a stop over befor they are flying the long way to ther Summer Places in Northern Europ.


Good to now there ar no Borders in the air except the illegal Bird trappers everywhere. In this Blog articel I will report about the Visitors.


Of course, special, rare guests get an own contribution.

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Birds - February 2016

Winter guests in the pool of Zakaki.


The February 2016 goes to end, some of the winter guests took off already, the number of the Shoveler in Oroklini has declined noticeably.


In the southern part of the Oroklini Lake, the water level has grown only slightly in recent weeks; the breeding Islands are still unoccupied.


A few spur lapwings have gathered, but the black-winged Stilts is still not to see. Here are some pictures from the last few weeks and days of winter guests and also the first Spring migrants.

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A Buzzard on Kestrels Hill

I discovered the Buzzard in the morning on the small hill behind the picnic place at Mandria Beach, right on the rock, where the resident Kestrel likes to stay.


The Kestrel were on their turf on hunting on the move and so the Buzzard on the rock could be an undisturbed down let.


First of all, I had a bad lens position, so that I could make any pictures. I left the car to get on the light side, but already opening the door brought him to the departure.


However, he flew only about 50m further to the picnic place to sit on the tree. I then watched him and noticed that he observed an Dog walker with free-running dogs (like manything strictly forbidden) on the path along the beach, but not flew away.

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January 2016 - Winter Birds

In January of the new year, I was actually only for video recording on the road and did also some photos of the places visited.


The numbers of migratory birds and winter guests but but less like last winter are overall, for some interesting winter guests present themselves in the water birds in the Oroklini Lake and the flamingos.


Here are as usual a few pictures from the past few weeks.

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