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24. Dezember 2015
In the last days at Mandria Beach I could watch a swarm with 52 Golden Plover. To my surprise joined a small group with 5 starlings the Plovers and stay 2 days in the midst of the Golden Plover have felt very much at home. A female Harrier moved into larger temporal intervals again over the fields and on a small puddle that I filled with fresh water every day the 3 Water Pipit and others felt very comfortable. Here a small selection for you.

19. Dezember 2015
From my next environment I want to show here all recorded in recent weeks shooting you. Within a radius of about 30 km, you will find very many places where actually year-round certain bird species are resident. This related species joined then during bird migration, especially in the winter. But, through the mild winter in Europe, I have the impression that the number of winter visitors as a whole substantially less fails so far. Maybe you like taking one or the other photo.

18. Dezember 2015
Not all dreams of bird lovers and bird watchers come true, especialy not in Cyprus Over 10 weeks has the water Department of Paphos recycling waste water from the nearby sewage treatment plant in one of the trickling pools on the river Ezousas has initiated and thus created a small bird sanctuary. A process which actually over several months normality was the last few years. But just as surprising was the end, tributary turned off again. Emails and phone calls, even at meetings with...

20. November 2015
I would like to tell you a little story today and show which has to do with nature and with particular bird species. Three bird photographer, Neil Alderson (UK), Matt Smith and I meet randomly at the Ezousas pool and talking about the slightly sluggish running bird migration and which until now missing "special bird guests". At this moment, two birds fly from the West from coming that might have been two Penduline Tit in the reeds around the pool, which was first thought. We make us equal to...

05. November 2015
With us, the rainy season has started and the temperatures have declined between 16°C at night and 25°C during day. From the dry land areas rain comes some more green with every drop out. However, it is here again 2 weeks that the last raindrop fell. The best time for bird watchers and nature photographer from now to May next year lies ahead. The current migratory direction South is in full swing and in the spring goes back towards North. Many species of birds spend the winter in Cyprus or...

22. Oktober 2015
The Stonechat are back. In large numbers I've encountered area the birds on Monday October 19th in the Anarita, it is assumed that many other species will follow in the next few days on their way to the South. I will stay try to shoot as many as possible of them or hold the Stonechat on video. Here in Cyprus we get them now for a few months.

03. September 2015
Overall, it’s the Season for Lesser Grey Shrike and red-backed Shrike, also Common Kestrel, Roller and Whinchat like it in the gravel pit bushland in Akrotiri coast area. On my return journey to Paphos I have then speculated on the Griffon Vultures in the Episkopi - Kensington area and me very happy when I came just up the Hill on the Main road and see a group of 10 Griffon Vultures in advantage to Start in the thermals their laps. In the Group of 10 were also 4 birds marked and with...

29. August 2015
It´s the time Demoiselle Crane move in large groups over the island to the South. Now the time starts also for the nature photographer after the long summer break with the sighting of the preferred bird places to start. Following the Crane I move yesterday to the Salt Lake in Akrotiri. I have not found crane but hunters who were there with their dogs and thus impossible to make a rest the migratory birds. At the Salt Lake, Greater flamingos are according to my estimate about 2000 and many...

17. Juli 2015
Summertime in Cyprus, the beaches ar filled with tourists, feathered bird species at this time only the native species. Not really the time for Birdwatcher. Therefore, I deal with other topics of photography and video such as E.g. time lapse for Sunrise and Sunset. To looking for a good absorption place time lapse I decided for a Sunrise for the Mount Olympus, with 1952 m the highest mountain on the island in the Troodos Mountains. I was already to find last Saturday around 5: 00 on the...

05. Juni 2015
After the major bird migration in spring, for the bird photographer not the best conditions are from June until October. Especially lighting conditions good for photographers on shorten moments early tomorrow or shortly before sunset. In particular the shimmering air allows barely detailed images even at short distances. Special bird motifs? Who observed the bird’s intensive forage is very quickly also the itinerant old birds young birds that have already left the nest and need to be fed....

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