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Miscellaneous in January 2020

Little Owl near Breeding cave, Januar 2020, Anarita Areal, Zypern
Little Owl near Breeding cave, Januar 2020, Anarita Areal, Zypern

The weather in January is very wintry, storms, thunderstorms, heavy rains, everything is there. Not exactly an invitation for migratory birds. So it is not surprising that very few reports / sightings are made.

Also with us in the garden only the sparrows are active and already on the expansion of the nests. A few finches, blood-hangings and sledge, a house red-tail, that's it. In the Anarita area, the stone owl can already be seen around the incubators and, as always, from November, the rock-stone-slingiser is native to the Plateu.

The number of flamingos in the Akrotiri Salt Lake has risen to about 12,500 birds (Colin Richardson) between the holidays. As soon as the weather plays along I will also go to the salt lake.

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New year, new equipment - Panasonic replaces Canon

Panasonic will replace my Canon Equipment at the turn of the year.

Unfortunately, the first mirrorless full-frame camera from Canon EOS R has never delivered the one I had learned since it was purchased in October 2018. Neither in the severely restricted video area nor in the photo area could the EOS R provide the performance of the previously used EOS 5D Mark IV.

In the meantime, Canon has already announced a successor model for the EOS R (after 1 year) instead of upgrading the camera in terms of performance. If you don't want to miss the technical advances that other camera manufacturers have been offering for a long time, a further investment is definitely imminent.

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