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In my blog I currently reports about bird life and nature of the island of Cyprus with Infos, images and video.

Blog articles from 2018 to 2011 you can find in my Blog Archives with many infos and photos as well.


Note: you can find more photos of the birds shown here on the blog in the taxonomic list photo gallery


Interessting Migration Birds in March

Every day, new bird species arrive on the island, showing meldelists which and how many new species are spotted every day from east to west at different locations.

Many reports come from the local birdwatchers and photographers, but also many tourists who have travelled especially to observe the spring bird migration, have their fun and successfully enrich the meldelists with their sightings.


I just always look around my residence and am surprised once again what there is so close to seeing one of interesting, newly arrived bird species.

In addition, there are many corners here that I do not visit during the hunting times, but now in "Peacetime" you can check what the zealous shooters left over on feathered species.

Whenever I see a Song Thrush or Blackbird flying around after the hunting season, joy comes up and the hope remains that the rulers in Cyprus will eventually have an insight and ban the hunting of songbirds.

As we say, hope dies last ...

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Mourning Wheatear - February 2019

A very rare guest has evaporated to us on the island. The Blackback Stone Decoration had only been spotted and registered on the island of Cyprus 2 times until January 2019.

In recent weeks, 3 birds of this species have been spotted on the island, but presumably it was always the same bird observed on its round trip.

The home is the black back stone sachter in the mountainous region and desert areas of North Africa, Jordan, North Syria.


As a bird of the year or a short puller, it is rather unusual to observe him here in foreign habitat.

On Monday, February 18, the Blackback Stone Treasure was discovered and reported by Ian Murphy in Agios Georgios on Cape Drepanum, just outside my doorstep. As early as the early morning on Tuesday, the first birdwatchers and photographers were on hand. The bird was pleasingly not shy, probably it comes from an area where the species humans do not yet affect their area of life.

Three days now I had the opportunity to photograph the guest and record some video clips. It was also a great experience for me out of the camouflage tent or lying on the ground with the camera watching the bird. At times he approached me for up to about 3m during the foraging. The new EOS R camera does not produce any noise when triggered and so he did not feel disturbed.

Today, Friday February 22 I unfortunately did not see him in the early morning, I hope he has a good journey home.

At this time I put together a small selection in the picture gallery. As soon as the video is finished, I set it here and on my YouTube channel.

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January 2019 Birds

In January, the area around the Paphos Sewage facility proved to be a small meeting place for incoming bird species. In addition, the flamingos can be seen in Limassol in the area of the salt lake and many new arrivals in the Akrotiri Marsh area.

The most important thing, however, is the rain, which has filled the dams again and thus brings good conditions for observation for all areas and bird species throughout the rest of the year.

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Nata Bridge - Xeros River

The rain brings water inflow to Asprokremmos Dam

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