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Greater Flamingos Akrotiri Salt Lake, 01. October 2019

Graeter Flamingos at Akrotiri Salt Lake, Limassol, Cyprus
Graeter Flamingos at Akrotiri Salt Lake, Limassol, Cyprus

The rows are closing.


In the meantime, 2500 - 3000 flamingos are on the way at the salt lake and more are to be added. Also, you can already find areas in the shore area where the water presses from below and smaller pools form, which are also very interesting for the small Waders and Plover.  Also in the Group of Flamingos are Spoonbills and Glossy Ibis as well as different ducks.


As every year around this time, the wasp buzzards and Eleonora falcons can be observed on the edge of the salt lake.

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European chameleon hunting in the garden

Chamäleon hunting Insects in the Garden, Agios Georgios, Zypern
Chamäleon hunting Insects in the Garden, Agios Georgios, Zypern

In the last days we have two chameleons in our garden. In the early morning hours, the animals are often on the hunt for insects in the trees and bushes.


Due to the colour adaptation of the animals to their surroundings, the animals are very difficult to recognize, moreover, they usually move very slowly. It is interesting to see how all body parts are used for moving and positioning.

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Hoopoe pair 2, Cyprus, Agios Georgios, second Breeding Season 2019

The second Hoopoe pair has successfully completed its second brood with another 6 chicks. The carob tree with the brood cave inside stands just 30m away from our house, ideally located for photo and video recordings. Especially in the early morning between 6:00 and 8:30 you will find ideal lighting conditions on the brood tree.

After that it becomes restless through the traffic to the zoo. The Hoopoe have become accustomed to the situation, they have been breeding here for several years and usually always successfully. In total, the couple has raised 2 broods with 6 chicks each this year. I hope to see her here again next year from April to July.

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European Roller - Season 2019

It was not until the end of April that I saw the first blue crack near Androlikou this year. At the end of May about 15 breeding pairs were gathered in Androlikou and the surrounding area and moved into the breeding grounds. At that time there were still 5 Golden Oriol in the village with the mulberry trees.

The abandoned and crumbling buildings form ideal conditions for the brood of the blue-racks and these places are occupied anew every year.

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Eurasian Hoopoe - breeding season of summer gust in Cyprus

junger Wiedehopf - Young Hoopoe, Cyprus, 15.05.2019
junger Wiedehopf - Young Hoopoe, Cyprus, 15.05.2019

How it all started, my documentary about a Hoopoe Breeding season in Cyprus.

In May 2018, I was looking for a brooding hoopoe couple. In June I received a hint from Jan and Dave Walker regarding the sighting of several Hoopoe in the vicinity of the village of Androlikou, not far from Neo Chorio/Polis.


The Hoopoe should have been seen near a sheep and goat farm, where there was also a small, dried out lake at the time, which usually carries some water in the rainy season. 

So I examined every tree in question there for possible breeding caves and found what it was looking for.

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Migration Birds April 2019

In April 2019, the bird migration went very well from my point of view. As a yardstick I take the bird species found in our fruit meadow and that was conspicuous many this year. 

I was particularly pleased about species I haven't encountered in our area since 2014.

So, with a few exceptions, I have been able to do most of the bird shots directly in the home garden. Attractive for the birds are always the laid out water points and also the fruit offer for many bird species.  Not to mention is that we mow the orchard several times and the supply of insects for the birds is very large.

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Interessting Migration Birds in March 2019

Every day, new bird species arrive on the island, showing meldelists which and how many new species are spotted every day from east to west at different locations.

Many reports come from the local birdwatchers and photographers, but also many tourists who have travelled especially to observe the spring bird migration, have their fun and successfully enrich the meldelists with their sightings.


I just always look around my residence and am surprised once again what there is so close to seeing one of interesting, newly arrived bird species.

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Mourning Wheatear - February 2019

A very rare guest has evaporated to us on the island. The Mourning Wheatear had only been spotted and registered on the island of Cyprus 2 times until January 2019.

In recent weeks, 3 birds of this species have been spotted on the island, but presumably it was always the same bird observed on its round trip. The home of the Mourning Wheatear its in the mountainous region and desert areas of North Africa, Jordan, North Syria.


As a bird of the year or a short puller, it is rather unusual to observe him here in foreign habitat.

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January 2019 Birds

In January, the area around the Paphos Sewage facility proved to be a small meeting place for incoming bird species. In addition, the flamingos can be seen in Limassol in the area of the salt lake and many new arrivals in the Akrotiri Marsh area.

The most important thing, however, is the rain, which has filled the dams again and thus brings good conditions for observation for all areas and bird species throughout the rest of the year.

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Nata Bridge - Xeros River

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