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05. Juni 2020
It is my second visit after 7 days around Ineia and Androlikou to see which of the breeding birds are still to be seen. The Hoopoe pair brooding in the olive tree has completed the first brood, the young and alto-birds have left the brood-cave. Of the 6 brood-caves of the Blauracken only one was occupied with young-bird, the alto-birds were also to entice this young-bird from the brood-cave.

31. Mai 2020
After the lock down I walked 3 months after my last visit the Anarita Park area as far as Nata to see because it is going on in the bird world, especially with the breeding pairs. To my surprise I have uncovered another stone owl brood-pair, so that now 3 pairs at the same time breeds and raise their boys there. I was also able to observe several pairs of blue-racked and a lot of kestrels, in the area near Nata then also red-swallows and dohlen, all there to nest-pairs. I was also able to take...

31. Mai 2020
Since 21 May, the lock down in Cyprus has been loosened far, so that it is now possible to move freely all over the island for bird watching and photography. My first tour last week took me to Ineia and Androlikou to see which bird species and how many birds can be seen there at all. My last visit was 3 months ago. The Hoopoe pair breeds again in the olive tree brood-cave, the boys are already well trained and will surely soon leave the brood-cave. In Androlikou itself I could observe two young...

25. April 2020
End of March - beginning of April is the time of the arriving flycatchers, the beginning made this year the mourning catcher, then came the collared snapper and the half-ring snapper. The Grauschnäpper was the last arrival of this bird species. In addition, the two Hoopoe couples were on the road almost daily in the garden and the surrounding area. The highlight of the Hoopoe were the feeding rituals, which were seen as part of the bridal advertisement under the olive trees in the garden. The...

16. April 2020
At the beginning of April, the number of different bird species at the meeting point Feigenbaum is highest, which is a reflection of the arrived songbirds on the bird migration to the west and north. Now the flycatchers also come to the present ground-eaters, and so at the meeting point Feigenbaum full action is called for. Also with the Wiedehopfen the calling males become more and more audible and indicate their precincts. Here are some pictures of the bird species present.

14. April 2020
In the last days of March, other feathered guests have arrived in our garden, many of them using the public bird bath in the garden. I have listed some of them below.

13. April 2020
After the government in Cyprus imposed an exit ban on us because of the coronavirus, I am glad and grateful that I can move freely in our orchard. Apparently, this has also been talked about by migratory birds and I can't complain about the influx of feathered guests. I probably wouldn't have found more outside in the surrounding area. The Hoopoe couple from last brood year has arrived again and with him a second couple. I'm curious to see where the settles are.

23. März 2020
Difficult times are these with the Corona Virus for everyone, even here on the island of Cyprus, much is no longer going its usual way. So I have also greatly reduced my trips to the various hotspots for migratory birds. Tourists and photographers as guests have no or very limited access to the island at the moment. The entire BirdLife Cyprus crew has been working with each other from home via telephone and video since 16 March. But regardless of the limitations of the Corona virus, life in...

30. Januar 2020
A week ago, Raya and Howard spotted the Booted Eagles on the Akrotiri Peninsula. Yesterday I was lucky enough to see the two smal eagles in the Akrotiri Marsh and take some pictures of the Booted Eagle. The Booted eagles are comparable in size to the Common Buzzard, but have 6 fingers at the wing ends instead of 5. One Booted Eagle was seen in the bright morph and the second in the dark morph.

27. Januar 2020
On Saturday 25 january I was again in the Akrotiri Marsh - Fasouri on the Akrotiri peninsula. I was completely surprised that even there, right by the sea, the grass was covered with a little rough. There are always large groups of ducks to be seen, but only when they fly a round by the cane harriers terrified. Some dwarf divers and ducks were in the water, Fitis and cane singers fetch the insects from the reed plants. A Bekasine put a short stop in front of me, silk heron sonands and...

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