Video with DSLS Cameras

Using my DSLR camera in addition to photography to produce animated images for film and video is a delightful task and greatly expands my hobby. In this way, time-lapse and video recordings are converted from many sequentially recorded frames into real film recordings.  My video documentaries are mainly about our habitat and the nature of the island of Cyprus. For the recordings I use my Canon DSLS cameras as well as a professional camcorder.

The new Canon EOS R with the DualPixel autofocus is currently the best autofocus system in the video area. Also with the video camcorders I use the XA20 Pro on the Reliable Canon technology.

The Panasonic GH5 System camera also offers excellent recording techniques and with the 4k/60Fps in the format 4.2.2 in 10-bit internal video recording on SD card the most possible standard with DSLR.


Many of my video clips used by international bird protection organizations in there documentaries about the bird migration in Cyprus.

You find my videos also in my Video channel on YouTube and also on Albert Stoecker Vimeo.

My Videos 2018

Troodos Mountains - Birds at puddle

Birds in the mountains of the island of Cyprus, I have just released a new video.

In spring 2018, when the rains in the Troodos mountains are no longer so frequent, there are only a few puddles of water near Mount Olympus, to which many bird species then come. In March and April is also the beginning of the breeding season, so many species can be found in her colour-rich feather dress.

Enjoy watching


YouTube setting 4K, 1440 oder 1080 auswählen bitte.

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Acctualy just a puddle

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