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Blue Hours at Cape Drepano - Cyprus

Blue Hours at Cape Drepano, recordet about 1 h after Sunset

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Video - Christmas drive to Troodos

The weather report promised a sunny day in the mountains, so climb aboard and ride in a winter landscape, which reminded me of my home in Germany.


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Video - Agios Georgios - Pegeia - a famous place of pilgrimage

The archaeological site of Agios Georgios at the Pafos village of Pegeia is a famous place of pilgrimage for the region. Excavations that began in the 1950’s uncovered significant evidence of an Early Christian settlement. The place of pilgrimage of Agios Georgios is located between the site of the basilicas and the necropolis. There is also a small chapel founded in the late 13th - early 14th century also named after Agios Georgios. The stone built church of Agios Georgios was built more recently.

The necropolis lies at the brow of the cliff with tombs carved into the rock. Located at the centre of the settlement - on the neck of the cape - is the large three-aisled ‘Basilica A’ with a baptistery adjacent on its west side. A smaller three-aisled basilica with a transept is annexed to the north side of the baptistery.

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Chrysorrogiatissa Monastery Cyprus

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The Chrisorrogiatissa Monastery is the next station for one photo exhibition from "AG Leventis Foumdation" with the topic "Nature of Cyprus". At the request of BirdLife Cyprus I made some additionally photos from the Monastery it self in the Paphos Forest area for the Exhibiton. And so, I'm also curious about the monastery it self.


Few days later early in the morning at 6:00 I came in the monastery courtyard and heard from the Church, that the lithurgy ceremony was already underway. I just looked around and noticed the monk who came to me from the Church.  After a short presentation of mine he invited me for a coffee after the ceremony.

Hospitality is taken seriously in Cyprus.

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