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All About Digital and nativ ISO for DSLR Cameras

If you've spent any time researching Canon's HD DSLR cameras, you've probably come across discussions of which of the cameras' ISO settings to use and which to avoid, including the noise in your records.

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Autofocus Micro- adjustment for CANON EOS Digital Cameras with Live View

Some of the modern Canon EOS digital cameras have built an AF micro adjustment, which you optimally adjust the auto focus of all lenses to avoid front or back focus.  Unfortunately, it is a fact that even brand new lenses are subject to the top price range of a certain series of scattering. Since then only the direct service helps the Canon CPS with adjustment of the lenses on the camera.

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DotTune Autofocus micro adjustment for Canon DSLR Cameras

I found another simple method making a autofocus micro-adjustment for Canon DSLR Cameras and lenses on the Web, which brings very good results.  My comparison tests have led to the same results as with live view methodic. Benefit from DotTune, you need no computer or extra software view and it is also free of charge. 

DotTune there also now as automatic AFMA - automatic auto-focus micro adjustment tool in the free open source software Magic Lantern for some Canon DSLR cameras, e.g. 5d2, 5d3, 6d, 7d

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My experience with flash photography in Cyprus

Here in Cyprus I usually get the problem with very harsh light relatively early in the morning. Without fill flash normally 8:30 I have to stop.  Cloudy sky still exist in the spring but not from May to October, there I get Sun pure. With Flash I can also make usable photos in this Time. There are of course also special places, as for example in the Paphos forest or Troodos Mountains, where to use an Flash always makes sense.

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Berlebach Pegasus 3-Way Tilt Head - my best choice

Since 2011, I am use the Berlebach Tripod "UNI 22 C" for Photo shootings on I like the move and guess its stability immensely.  As a Tripod Head for the my Canon EOS 1D Mark IV with Canon Lens EF600mm / f4 L IS USM (I) + 1.4x TK (III) or 2x TK(III) I used the popular version of Gimbal Head, Wimberley II, as much other nature photographers.

Satisfied with the own recordings is always rare but when a good friend with the same camera delivers constant more detailed and sharper shots, then must what drape well on the thesis that one fluid Head can reduce the resonance while recording with the expensive Tilter.

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My Floating Hide Project 2013

It was a challenge and a big wish of mine to make Photos and Video recordings of waterfowl in the eye to eye level.


Today, after 3 Years I have spend many hours in the Pools and watch the waterfolw and other interessting acticitys in my Hide.

Somtimes , when a Kingfisher sitting on Top, this are just great Moments for me.


My floating cover Hide place to build a secure basis for the expensive equipment is with a load of 25 kg. 


See in my report on this as I have implemented it.

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