Video with DSLR Cameras

My video documentaries have mostly our Environment and the nature of the Cyprus island as a theme. I use for recording scenes my Canon DSLR Equipment cameras and Lenses and one Canon professional camcorder.  Mostly I use for footage the Canon EOS 5D Mark III DSLR in combination with Magic Lantern firmware. For Video I use all my available photography lenses from 14 mm to 840 mm focal length.

So its easy to switch from photography to Video Footage and record similar Motiv as when taking photos. All RAW footage is with 14 Bit Color Range in highest quality.



Many of my video clips used by international bird protection organizations in there documentaries about the bird migration in Cyprus.

You find my videos also in my Video channel on YouTube and also on Albert Stoecker Vimeo.

My Videos 2018

Acctualy just a puddle

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Videos from 2017 to 2011 you find here Country and People ore Birds and Animal