Important Infos for Birdwatchers and Photographers about bird trapping crime in Cyprus

It is to report duty of chronicler not only about the beautiful things in life. Bird murder stands in stark contrast to what the beautiful images of migratory birds on the island of Cyprus. Unfortunately, sustainable bird and nature tourism is not in the interest of those responsible in politics and the economy.


An estimated 2.5m birds die every year in Cyprus as the result of being caught in nets or on lime sticks, far more than in all other European countries.


According to the laws in the European Union strictly prohibited the political will to fight against this organized crime is missing here. It large sums of donations and tax euros for the preservation of many species of birds and nature are issued in Europe while at the same time here on the island a crime against nature annually openly supports amounting to EUR 15 million under the guise of "Cyprus tradition" of the policy for securing votes.


The European Commission has taken out warnings to the Cyprus Government but effectivesteps to stop that crime until today not happens.

I like to inform you also about this organised crime and give you the Links to the NGO´ s and other organisations as a view to the reality.

BirdLife Cyprus - Reports on Illegal Bird Trapping

‘Cyprus: Massacre on migration’

to highlight the practice of bird trapping in Cyprus, well-known British naturalist and anti-wildlife-crime campaigner Chris Packham has produced a documentary